Meet the New Forum Team Representatives!

The Women’s Enterprise Forum just welcomed a new group of Forum Team Representatives. Each week we’ll introduce a group of them to you and share their insights about the WBENC Network.

Any WBENC-Certified WBEs can join the Women’s Enterprise Forum during their in-person meetings on March 21st at the Summit & Salute and on June 19 at the National Conference & Business Fair.

Jayshree Moorthy

Frontier Technologies, Inc.


“We’re here to help! Having been involved for over 20 years, I can tell you with the utmost confidence that we have all been helped during our time in this wonderful organization, and we are all eager to pay it forward and help you too. Never be afraid to ask!”

Sandra Leppert

Sandra Leppert and Associates, Inc.

RPO: WBDC of Florida

“My advice to new WBE’s would be go to conferences and local WBENC events to meet other WBEs we are a great support network, always happy to share information and contacts. Enjoy the journey be open to possibilities and opportunities.”

Serafina J. Schorer

RIM Custom Racks

RPO: Great Lakes WBC

“I would advise every WBE to get involved with your RPO, The Great Lakes Women’s Business Council has provided me with so many valuable programs like The Leadership Institute, Women’s Business Conference as well as The Awards Celebration and Forums. I have been able to take my business to a whole new level. Women are great collaborators, take advantage of all the many networking opportunities being a part of the WBENC community offers.”

Jodi Bailey Gill

The Experts Bench (teb)


“Get a mentor!  Participating in the GWBC mentorship program as a Co-chair and Mentor, and launching the P2P international mentorship program helping women grown globally, for me has been the gift that keeps giving back. Mentorship programs crack the code on the business and personal challenges to build strong foundations.”

Debbie Drury

Market Doctors


“My advice to a newly certified WBE is get involved immediately, be bold and tenacious, step out and meet everyone.  Build relationships and reach out to the successful women and leaders and ask questions.  Invest time and money with expectancy and follow up all the time.  It’s your journey and future.  Build strong relationships, be bold, and work hard. I love being around strong women who are focused and determined and propel you to another level of success.  You must attend the events, meetings, do the work, follow up, and keep your Faith and never ever give up.”


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Posted on February 2, 2017 .