Meet the New Forum Team Representatives!

The Women’s Enterprise Forum just welcomed a new group of Forum Team Representatives. Each week we’ll introduce a group of them to you and share their insights about the WBENC Network.

Any WBENC-Certified WBEs can join the Women’s Enterprise Forum during their in-person meetings on March 21st at the Summit & Salute and on June 19 at the National Conference & Business Fair.

Jennifer Blakeney

Guaranteed Express, Inc.


“Partnering with fellow WBEs allows both WBEs to be provide additional services and products that they might not otherwise provide, enter contracts at improved price points, and seek larger contracts that smaller businesses might not be able to secure on their own.  Partnering with other WBEs also increases the value to the buyer, giving you regional or national coverage as well as a true partnership in growth. WBEs work together unlike any other businesses, in that we truly want the other WBE to be successful, helping in ways that you won't receive with other partnerships.  There's real substance and significance to these partnerships.”

Jill Vitiello

Vitiello Communications Group (VTLO)


“Get involved and get inspired! Attend the many networking events and opportunities; volunteer to serve your local RPO and WBENC; stay connected with the smart, successful women who are WBENC to help your own business grow, and to give a boost another woman business owner.”

Kelly A. Kolar



“If you are new to the WBENC community, my advice for you is show up and participate. You can’t do this alone. You have no idea who you might meet, who can provide insight or an opportunity. You still have to earn your own business, but the WBENC community can help you be successful. There is a lot of value to the network you can form. It’s not only about getting a contract, it’s about creating relationships that will be your lifeline when you’re in a challenging situation and will be your fan section.”

Dori Kelner

Sleight-of-Hand Studios


“When you receive your WBENC certification, it is only the beginning. The certification opens doors and create access, but you need to be involved to take advantage of these opportunities. Most of your interactions will be with your RPO. They provide all the local opportunities for getting involved in your region. Review the calendar regularly, and attend as many events and meetings as you can. Get to know the people in your RPO and let them know you want to be involved. Then plan to go to the WBENC Summit & Salute, and the National Conference. The first year, you should make it your goal to learn about the community and meet people. You will then have a better perspective on how you can be involved.”

Angela M. Gil

Coastal Telecommunications Inc.


“Since joining WBENC, we’ve engaged two fellow WBEs on projects.  Our goal for 2017 is “5”, this is the same number I chose for the “What’s Your Number?” activity during the WBENC National Conference. I wanted to make five strategic connections during the conference and met that goal.  It is important to partner with other WBEs in and out of your service/sales area, to help expand your capacity.  I’ve also had opportunities to refer our clients to WBENC-Certified WBEs that are outside of our services.  It’s has been a win/win for our clients too!”

Posted on February 1, 2017 .