Women Owned Special – Surviving Winter with Women Owned

The holiday season has passed, but the biting winds, low temperatures, and dry air of winter is still very much here. I am one of those people who tends to stay cold year round, so in the winter especially, you bet you can find me in a jacket, wrapped in a throw blanket with my cup of tea on the couch each evening.

Here is my Women Owned guide to surviving the winter cold and the inevitable dry skin and fly-away hair that comes with it. When you #BuyWomenOwned you support women entrepreneurs and, in turn, the growth of the economy. You can always incorporate more Women Owned products into your routine & the winter season is no exception.

Keep Warm & Cozy

Redwood Classics.jpg

Redwood Classics' slouchy Niagara Pullover will keep you warm and comfortable around the house, for a casual outing, or working out.

Sun yin.jpg

Sun Yin USA's cozy 100% cotton blanket is perfect for your bed or to throw on the back of the couch for easy reach. TIP: Grab a couple of these blankets and some pillows to lay out in a truck bed or on the hood of your car for a romantic star gazing evening on one of the milder nights of winter.

White Lion.jpg

White Lion Tea has an assortment of caffeinated and herbal teas so you can have a cup in the morning and at night to keep you warm from the inside out. TIP: Try their Honey Pearls® to add the delicate sweetness of honey to your cup with the convenience of sugar.


Moisturize & Hydrate

Urban Hydration has lotions, body creams, and body washes to hydrate your skin allover & prevent drying out from the cold and windy winter. TIP: If you already have some dry skin to repair, get one of their salt or sugar scrubs to exfoliate and rebuild the damaged skin.

Miss Jessie’s conditioners and moisturizing styling products will keep your hair hydrated and soft to prevent frizz and breakage. There’s nothing worse than pulling off your Redwood Classics fleece & your hair flying everywhere as if you just stuck your finger in a light socket!

Goddess Garden Organics natural sunscreen is not just for summertime – your face can be damaged by UV rays year round. Try their Face the Day facial sunscreen and firming primer before your makeup to protect and firm! TIP: If you’ve been neglecting you skin this winter – get the Sun-Repair Night Cream for a nourishing, lifting effect.

Do you use any other Women Owned products to survive winter?

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Posted on January 25, 2017 .