Focus on the Forum: Creating a Healthy Culture to Grow Your Business!

When you see this title, you might pause and ask yourself, what is meant by creating a healthy culture and how does one create a healthy culture? How does a healthy culture impact the overall growth of your business?

Before you can begin creating a healthy culture within your business, you must carefully consider the following questions:

  1. Is the health of my company important?
  2. Do I value the health of my employees at all levels within the organization?
  3.  Do I see the correlation between the health of my employees and the overall growth of my business?

If you answered yes to all three questions, then you have a solid foundation in place to begin building a healthier culture. It is important to consider the role of your executive team’s overall health.  As leaders, the executive team plays a very important role in fostering a healthy culture. Do you as a business owner value your own health?  How does that translate to your employees’ health as a whole? When you are not feeling well, experiencing low energy, how does that impact your business?

I know you have heard of ROI and VOI, to measure the overall success of your company. Let me introduce another measure for you to consider, VOH, the Value of Health. Health is linked to productivity and economic viability of individuals, populations and nations. This is no different when it comes to business. The power of prevention, and the cost benefits associated, are dependent on the commitment to foster healthy cultures.

If you are an advocate of employee wellness and the overall success of your company, take a look at these 10 simple steps you can begin implementing today that will help grow a healthier culture within your organization.

  1. Develop a CULTURE TEAM within your organization that represents the diverse needs of your employee population.
  2. Identify and develop WELLNESS CHAMPIONS to be included in your culture team.
  3. Empower your Culture Team to review the vision, mission and core values of your company. Incorporate at least one CORE VALUE that addresses your employees’ well-being and the Value of Health (VOH).
  4. Incorporate the importance of a healthy culture as part of your overall BUSINESS GOALS.
  5. Your RECRUITMENT strategy should be to hire to your values. Use behavioral interviewing questions to ensure a true, authentic culture fit and incorporate the importance of living your cultural values as part of your performance appraisal documents.
  6. ONBOARDING of new team members should include examples of how your leadership supports and embraces a healthy culture. Outline examples and programs available to support a healthy culture.
  7. Create a COMMUNICATION plan to keep everyone informed. Consider developing monthly wellness webinars to keep your employees engaged and develop a wellness column in your internal company newsletter.
  8.  Review your employee benefits, policies and procedures to ensure they align with the healthy culture you are developing. Develop WELLNESS REWARDS that recognize and encourage your employees to practice healthier habits.
  9. Foster COLLABORATION among all work sectors within the company.
  10. Get FEEDBACK from all levels within your organization and communicate your wellness goals with vendor partners such as food service and insurance providers.

Simple changes such as encouraging walking meetings, providing healthy food options, offering wellness tips that empower your employees are all great steps towards increasing your VOH. When you start to see the benefits of fostering the Value of Health, you may want to go a step further and invest in an experienced full time Wellness Coordinator or service provider to continue to foster your healthy culture. Investing in protecting the most valuable asset you have, your people, will become one of the most important things you do to ensure the success and long term growth of your business.


Brenda Loube

Corporate Fitness Works

Loube was the Host Committee Chair for the 2016 WBENC National Conference & Business Fair. She is the President and Co-Founder of Corporate Fitness Works, a WBENC-Certified WBE committed to providing quality wellness and fitness solutions that align seamlessly with organizational needs and cultures.

Posted on January 12, 2017 .