WBENCconf Rewind: What is the most important thing you do in advance of attending the National Conference & Business Fair?”

From June 20 to 22, 2017 WBENC will be in Las Vegas for the 20th Anniversary National Conference & Business Fair. It’s never too early to start thinking about your goals and objectives for this signature event.

In this #WBENCconf Rewind, we’ve gathered advice from leaders around the WBENC network.

Our team always prepares for conference by reaching out to our WBENC leads well in advance to let them know we plan to attend and invite them to reconnect with us. It’s a great way to ensure that you have the opportunity to meet during a very busy week. It’s also the perfect time to invite our clients, vendors, and partners to attend and learn more about what WBENC can do for their business.” 

Brenda Loube


Corporate Fitness Works

Prepare for Success! Get your whole team on the same page by holding a pre-show team meeting.  This ensures everyone understands your show objectives, any preshow actions as well as responsibilities and schedules during the show.  Being proactive can help turn your objectives into successes.

Cheryl W. Snead

President and CEO

Banneker Industries, Inc.

Choose two to three new companies that you want to target, and make a list of who you have met in the past and want to reconnect with. Make sure you are registered or that your registration is updated in their vendor portal. Re-evaluate your message to make sure it fits the industries you are targeting. Consider having different capabilities statements for different industries.

Patti Winstanley



Prepare. The sales team defines desired outcomes and researches target companies; especially for Matchmaker meetings. We verify and update registration information on supplier diversity sites. We evaluate their business objectives and identify where our supply chain services can accelerate growth. We leverage our WBE contacts in the Forum. When we arrive, we have an agenda, presentation materials, and specific goals.

Hannah Kain

President & CEO


Do your homework. Select your targeted prospects and research what is happening in their organization and where your services can fit.  Use social media sites to identify names and titles in their organization that you would like to connect with. And last but not least FOLLOW UP!

Michelle Vondrasek


Von Technologies LLC

Be prepared, be flexible, have fun, and don't forget to follow up. But most important, remember that it’s your frame of mind and heart that can set you up to have an awesome time and be someone awesome to meet. Smile, be pleasant, be polite, and show your enjoyment. Feel the magic!

Teresa Lawrence

President & Owner

Delta Personnel, Inc.

To have an effective conference make sure to plan ahead. Review the list of exhibitors and create a prioritized list ahead of time. Since the floor is open just one day it’s important to plan where you should focus your energy that day. If you have any open RFP’s or ones you participated in recently make sure to have the names of the individuals you are working with on the opportunity. They may not be in attendance at the conference but it’s good to have as many connections as possible.

Rachel Sanchez


Prestige Maintenance USA

Preparation is the key.  We schedule prospective client meetings in advance to take place throughout the week – for coffee, drinks and dinner – and come prepared with a brief PowerPoint on our value proposition, history, services, and a relevant case study for the specific industry: auto, retail, healthcare, technology, or telecom.  We bring a team and stay the entire week!

Keeli Jernigan

CEO & President

Trans-Expedite, Inc.

Do your homework on the corporations attending.  We have a quick reference sheet with current and previous contacts, jobs that we’ve done, if any, and our value proposition specifically for that corporation.    If we’re having a meeting with a corporation, on the back of the sheet, we capture who we met with and follow up notes.  

Peggy Del Fabro


M.Davis and Sons, Inc.

Our team prepares in advance. We first identify individuals and companies with whom we want to meet. Next we ask, “How can we differentiate Innolect and our services?” Then, we design our strategy and materials to reach out as creatively and memorably as possible. Finally, we reach out to schedule appointments and invite individuals to visit our booth (#528 J).

Kittie Watson, Ph.D.




I bring several staff members. Together we map out everything -- from how we will work the trade show floor, to the seminars we will each attend (and we all attend different seminars).  We go in with a plan to maximize our productivity and insure that we get the most from our time there.       

Joan LaGrasse


Imagen, LLC

The most important thing that Argent does in advance of attending the WBENC Business Fair, is we identify and contact all of our customers to find out if they are attending and if so, set up personal appointments to meet during the event.

The other most important thing we do is ensure we have our elevator pitch well tuned and marketing collateral customized for the WBENC event!

Betty Manetta

President & CEO

Argent Associates, Inc.

Take the time to get to know your targeted audience by researching the company, their needs, and the people you will be meeting with.  It's easy to take this necessary step by using LinkedIn and by asking your peers and RPO.

Kelly Walker


Benefits Connection LLC


Posted on September 7, 2016 .