Women Owned Wednesday – Base Culture


Base Culture - Delicious and Paleo-Friendly Sweets


Company Name: Base Culture

Founded: 2012

WBENC Certified: 2013

HQ:  Tampa, Florida, USA

Website: www.baseculture.com

Slogan: Simple. Natural. Primal.

Retail: You can find our products at www.baseculture.comwww.amazon.com as well as in all the Florida-based Whole Foods Natural Markets. Additionally, Base Culture products are sold in over 90 natural food market places around the country, all of which can be found on our website at www.baseculture.com


Company Background:

When Jordann Windschauer completed her first month-long Paleo challenge she felt incredible. As much as she loved this new clean way of eating, she had no way of indulging her sweet tooth without breaking the Paleo diet guidelines. And even when she did find so-called Paleo-friendly treats, they used ingredients that were not purely Paleo. Since Jordann could not find what she wanted, she set out to make her own Paleo-friendly sweet treats. She has even gone to the lengths of creating her own baking powder. Jordann shared her new confections with family, friends, and those at her CrossFit gym. She quickly realized she wasn’t the only one looking for Paleo-friendly treats. With people asking her to make more and more Jordann knew she stumbled on to something. From there Base Culture® was born.

About the Products:

Base Culture® is an all-natural and gluten-free Paleo diet friendly company dedicated to helping individuals build healthier lives by providing the freshest and finest “real food” baked goods on the market. Our nut flours & butters are “homemade” in our bakery from 100% gluten free whole foods like seeds and nuts.  This ensures we provide the best tasting and highest quality gluten free Paleo diet friendly baked goods on the market. The product is easy, delicious, wholesome, “real food” that your body uses as fuel to make it through your day – all without refined salts, sugars, grain flours, or preservatives of any kind. Base Culture® products attract consumers seeking healthier alternatives: fitness enthusiasts, shoppers with gluten-free and diabetic challenges, and health-conscious consumers in general.

Quote from Jordan Windschauser on being a Women Owned business: 

I have been involved with many organizations and conferences revolving around the food category. However, nothing compares to the networking and genuine connections that are made within WBENC. At a WBENC convention I am able to differentiate myself, and Base Culture to the large corporations that I am targeting. This has in turn resulted in prosperous relationships that are priceless.  -- Jordan-Windschauser
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