WBENCLink2.0 is now Live!


The WBENC Staff and 14 Regional Partner Organizations are proud to officially unveil the new WBENCLink2.0. The new database is now live! The digitization team successfully completed the migration of data from the former system. You can now visit the new database at the same URL, www.wbenclink.org, to start maximizing the power of the new system.

Over the weekend you should have received an email from wbenc@wbenclink.org directing you to access your new account and create your new password. If you did not receive your email you can check your spam folder or visit the new database at www.wbenclink.org, enter your email, and select "forgot password." Once you have logged in, you can explore the new database and sign up for a training session, "Introduction to the System and Online Certification Application."

As a result of feedback and recommendations by the WBE and Corporate community for over the past eight (8) years, WBENC has completely digitized the certification process. WBENCLink2.0 is designed to increase efficiency, incorporate innovations, and ensure security, all within a digital platform.  If you want to know more about how and why WBENC launched a new database, you can read more about the development of WBENCLink2.0 in the WBENC President's Report and on the WBENC Blog.

The launch of WBENCLink2.0 would not have been possible without the efforts of the WBENC Digitization Team including Susan Cates, Nicki Green Johnson, Cheri Simmons, LaKesha White, myself and the phenomenal B2Gnow team. The 14 Regional Partner Organizations also played a critical role in this journey and our success. Thank you to everyone who has made this move possible.

If you have any questions as you explore WBENCLink2.0, please contact WBENC at certification@wbenc.org.


Candace Waterman
Chief of Staff, WBENC

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Posted on September 20, 2016 .