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Company Name: Lipotriad

Founded: 1950

WBENC Certified: 2014

HQ: Palm Beach Gardens, FL USA

Slogans: “Vitamins for Healthy Eyes” and “Look and feel like you are on vacation every day”

Retail: Lipotriad is sold through CVS, Amazon,,,, and other independent retailers and on the company website:

Palm Beach Vitamins products are currently sold on Amazon and the company’s web site:

Websites: and

About the Company:

Lipotriad was founded in 1950 and was the first vitamin for eye health marketed and manufactured in the United States. The Company was purchased by its current owner, Joan Y. McCabe, in 2009. All Lipotriad products are designed based on the latest research in eye health, are free of dyes and additives, and are manufactured in the United States. Today, Lipotriad carries its original formula as well as five other formulations: AREDS2-based Visionary, Dry Eye, Adult 50 Plus, Vision Support and Vision Support Plus. Lipotriad vitamins are value priced, in order to appeal to today’s cost conscious consumer.

About the Products:

Lipotriad has recently introduced a new line of supplements under the Palm Beach Vitamins brand. Palm Beach Vitamins has three collections: Health and wellness, Anti-aging, and Weight loss. Like the Lipotriad line, all Palm Beach Vitamin products are natural and manufactured in the United States. Palm Beach Vitamins are sold exclusively on-line, and so avoid high distribution mark-ups, resulting in an attractive price point to consumers.

Quote from Joan Y. McCabe:

“I am proud that my company delivers all-natural, high quality products at an affordable price”.

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Posted on September 21, 2016 .