WBENCLink 2.0: You have questions, we have answers!

WBENCLink2.0 is going live on September 20th! If you haven’t already done so, we invite you to read the article on WBENCLink2.0 in the President’s Report. With the new system we know you may have questions – and we have the answers! Here are some of the common questions, let us know in the comments if you have any other questions (or email us at certifcation@wbenc.org).

Q. Why is WBENC digitizing the certification process?

A. As a result of feedback and recommendations by the WBE and Corporate community for over 8 years, WBENC will digitize the complete certification process. Prior to this, approximately 40% of the process was digitized from the WBE perspective; whereas most of the processing from a RPO Certification perspective was manual. Digitization will provide an opportunity for process efficiencies and a reduction in processing time.

Q. What will digitization mean for WBEs and new applicants?

A. The new digitized process will allow WBEs and new applicants to upload their required documents in a secure environment instead of mailing hardcopy documents to the RPO. Knowing that security would be top of line for you as a WBE, we are ensuring industry best practices from a security perspective.

Q. Who will see WBE and applicant documents and information?

A. As is done today, the RPO Certification Staff and limited members of the local Certification Committee will see your documents.

Q. How will the application fee be collected?

A. The application processing fee will be collected online in a secured environment much like the one used when purchasing airline tickets, or any form of Internet purchase. There will also be an option to mail in a hardcopy check, however, not a hardcopy of the documents.

Q. Will CVM continue to host WBENCLink?

A. CVM has been a good supplier and partner over the years however they will not host WBENCLink 2.0. The new WBENCLink 2.0 will be hosted by B2Gnow, a corporate member whose core business is online certification processing, contract compliance and diversity management. They have been named one of Inc. Magazine’s 5000 fastest growing companies three years in a row, maintain over 600,000 certification records and over 300,000 applicant accounts.

Q. How will I learn how to use the new system?

A. As we have done for the past 6 years, WBENC will continue to hold weekly and monthly comprehensive online trainings for all WBEs, and National and Regional Corporate members. We are excited that we can now offer technical assistance along with the training you are accustomed to receiving with the WBENCLink support desk. Sign up for a tour and training here.

Q. How will the Certification Committee function in the new environment?

A. We value the input and commitment of the Certification Committee and the new system will allow us to continue to engage them for review of documents, file discussion, site visits and final certification recommendation.

Q. What will the new system mean for Corporate and Government Members?

A. Corporate and Government members will have the opportunity to manage their staff and internal diversity champions/buyers in a more efficient manner; while having enhanced access to WBENCs proprietary database of potential WBE suppliers.

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Posted on September 15, 2016 .