WBENCConf Rewind: Hes4Shes Champion Award – Eugene Campbell


As the 2016 National Conference & Business Fair came to a close at the Tribute! Dinner, WBENC took a moment to recognize a champion for the WBENC community. Pamela Prince-Eason presented Eugene Campbell with the inaugural Hes4Shes Champion Award for his ongoing dedication to furthering the development of Women’s Business Enterprises. Much of the week’s activities during the National Conference were made possible by Campbell’s efforts.

After taking the stage to accept the award, a surprised Campbell took the podium to say thank you and share his philosophy:

“It indeed takes a village for everybody to be successful. We are all standing on the shoulders of someone who did something for us. I absolutely and firmly believe that. And so it is with that basis and that foundation where it is pretty easy for me to support others who are trying to do fantastic things and to help them achieve their success because our success are all interconnected.”

As the first recipient of this award, Campbell not only thanked “his WBENC family,” but also reflected on the recent events in Orlando and the power of community.

“The collective love, the power of collective will outshine and out rule anything and everything else. No matter how hard it tries to chip away at our existence, it just won’t happen.”

Eugene Campbell is on the cover of our August issue of the WBENC President’s Report! Read the issue. 

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Posted on August 29, 2016 .