WOW - Strong Stride, LLC


Company Name: Strong Stride, LLC

Founded: 2011

WBENC Certified: 2015

HQ: Pittsburgh, PA


Slogan:  Get Your Strong Stride



Company Background

Strong Stride is a health and fitness company created by Lisa Watson in Pittsburgh, PA.  The company’s main focus is help runners and athletes stay strong and injury-free through specific cross training and proper nutrition. Because fitness and nutrition is constantly evolving and we want to keep everyone healthy and fit, we also offer new YouTube workout videos, healthy recipes, fitness tips much more on our blog to help keep your routine fresh.

About the Products

  • The Fit Grip is a unique attachment used to connect resistance bands to dumbbells, creating a workout with the dual benefits of both resistance and strength training. It is patent-pending and was developed to ensure that customers seeking this dual workout maintain proper form, while decreasing their risk of injury. Prior to the Fit Grip, similar benefits could only be achieved through difficult, improvisational means that sacrifice both safety and comfort.  The Journal of Strength Training and Conditioning found that exercisers who used both resistance bands coupled with free weights simultaneously gained twice the strength versus free weights or bands alone.
  • Strong Stride DVD is Pilates-based, but also has additional strength training sections requiring dumbbells and resistance bands.
  • Strong Stride Cardio Strength DVD is fast paced consisting of three, 20-minute cardio workouts.
“Always stay positive!” - Lisa Watson

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Posted on July 27, 2016 .