WBENCConf Rewind: Special Recognition - Nancy Conner

WBENC’s motto is “Join Forces. Succeed Together,” yet it takes exceptional leadership and dedication to forge a spirit of community. Individuals can make the choice to stay committed to a cause and build that powerful community—and WBENC has so many of these leaders in our ranks.

At the recent National Conference & Business Fair, Theresa Harrison recognized one such individual, who has been a consistent leader for WBENC for more than a decade. Nancy Conner, formerly of Grainger, has ensured the WBENC Certification continues to resonate with more than 13,000 WBEs. Harrison surprised Conner on stage and presented her with a special recognition to acknowledge her dedication.

“I would like to talk about one individual who has been an essential element in ensuring the core of WBENC, and that is specifically our certification, remains relevant, ” said Harrison. “Nancy has led fearlessly, with a passion that overall shows how she has remained in the limelight over the past 10 years. We are thankful for her guidance, and we want to give her a special recognition from the Board and WBENC staff for many years of service for this particular organization.”

Thank you so much, Theresa and Pam. I am just moved. You know I love WBENC and the entire organization so much—everything that it represents and all the women that it helps. Always, always, it will be in my heart. Thank you. 
Posted on July 28, 2016 .