#TBT Five WBE Success Stories You May Have Missed This Year!

Every other month, we share Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) success stories in the WBENC President’s Report digital magazine. In 500-to-700 words, we show how these women business leaders leverage the access they gain from their certification to build their business, collaborate with other WBEs, and contract with Corporate Member.

This magazine focuses on all facets of the WBENC network, but here are some of the most popular success stories you may have missed this year:

In our first issue this year, we featured WBE Creative Resources’ new brand Create for Retail. Learn how a successful promotional products company positioned themselves to start a new brand and make a stake in the retail market.

In April, we featured the incredible collaboration between WBE T3 and Corporate Member Capital One, which worked with T3 to generate an award-winning social media campaign. Now T3 and Capital One have expanded their partnership.

The cover of the April issue features Robyn Streisand, CEO of Titanium Worldwide, a creative collective made up of all diversity certified businesses. By bringing all the best-in-class agencies to the same table, Titanium Worldwide leverages all the right talent to win business. 

In June, we learned how Amodex Ink & Stain Remover pitched their product to Corporate Member Lowes at the 2015 Summit & Salute—and now they are featured in more than 1000 stores nationwide.  

Finally, if you’ve ever heard “no” too many times, find some inspiration from Psyche Terry from Urban Intimates. She was told her collection of plus-size lingerie would never work. Now her line is featured at Macys!


The next issue of the President’s Report will be available in August. Do you have a WBE success story we should feature? Send us a 60-word pitch to wbenc-news@wbenc.org. Only WBENC-Certified WBE Success Stories will be considered.


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Posted on July 21, 2016 .