Seven Super Ways to Use the WBENC Mobile App

Meet Olivia. She owns a manufacturing company that is WBENC-Certified. In preparation for the event, Olivia has downloaded the WBENC Mobile App to help her navigate the conference and maximize her experience.

Explore the features with Olivia to better understand how to find event times and locations, plan a personal schedule, navigate the Business Fair, and get connected with other attendees. Make sure to download the latest version through your device app store or scan the QR code.

Know Your Sponsors

Olivia proactively plans for #WBENCconf by scoping out what companies will have a presence onsite. Sponsors will have a representative in attendance, which allows her to strategically connect and make introductions. Olivia can scroll through this list to find out who is sponsoring, so she can be sure to begin the conversation by thanking them for supporting women business owners.  

Create A Schedule

The schedule module contains all of the sessions for your event and is sorted by date and start time. Olivia can tap on any session to get more information, add the session to her personalized schedule, or complete a session survey. By creating a personalized schedule, Olivia will get reminders to make sure she can properly plan and attend each session without missing a beat.

Tip: iOS: Swipe a session to add the session to your personalized schedule/Android: Tap and hold a session to add the session to your personalized schedule.

Tip: Although MatchMaker schedules are not available through the WBENC mobile app, Olivia can verify day and time of the event and find a link to the website where she can log-in and view her scheduled meetings.

Navigate the Maps

With so many sessions and workshops going on, Olivia doesn’t want to get lost! Navigating is easy when you have all the maps in one place. The maps module will allow Olivia to easily locate any number of sessions, receptions, or the Business Fair floor. Some maps may be "interactive," so Olivia can try tapping around the map—she may find that certain locations are linked to exhibits or sessions.

Bookmark A Booth

The exhibitors module provides Olivia a listing of all Business Fair exhibitors, their space number, and an interactive map. Clicking on the company name will show her the booth number and clicking on the interactive map will provide information about surrounding exhibitors and landmarks. Olivia is planning to target a few specific exhibitors so she can add them to her To-Do list.  

Olivia can create a personalized To-Do list from any existing list items in the app or add her own custom entries. To add an item to your to-do list: Open up any list in the app (e.g., Exhibitors).

Tip: iOS: Swipe an item to add it to your to-do list. Android: Tap and hold an item to add it to your to-do list.

Connect With Attendees

The Attendees list and User Log-in features bring a whole new level of networking to an event. Olivia can create a user account which will allow her to connect with other attendees. To connect with another user, Olivia will find their name in the Attendees module and tap the "+" to the right of their name. The requested user will need to approve Olivia's request before she can connect. Attendees can be searched by name, company, and position.

Tip: If an attendee requests your contact information, a notification (denoted by a blue circle) will appear in the top right of the screen in iOS or in the content drawer for Android users. Tap the blue circle on this notification to see pending requests.

Engage on Social Media

Olivia knows that social media is a great way to see what topics are top of mind for fellow WBEs and corporations. By using Twitter and Facebook—and the hashtag #WBENCConf—through the WBENC Mobile App, she can get exposure as a thoughtful business leader.

Enable Notifications

The Notifications feature is a one-way communication mechanism from WBENC to Olivia and other attendees! During the event, WBENC may send out important updates so attendees are aware of any breaking news or updates. Be sure to enable push notifications for your app, otherwise you may miss out on some crucial news.


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Posted on June 10, 2016 .