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TransPak Wins Nestle’s New Carrier of the Year Award

In early April, WBENC-Certified WBE TransPak, a leading provider of logistics solutions, custom crating, packaging, and design, was proud to be named Nestle’s New Carrier of the Year.

TransPak received this award to recognize their customer service and operational excellence. TransPak’s responsiveness, attitude, dependability and problem solving set them apart. The Los Angeles-based team achieved a flawless service record with one of Nestle's core customers.

“In TransPak’s first year, they delivered an almost perfect score,” said Thomas Garcia of Nestle. “We strive to partner with minority and woman-owned businesses like TransPak. When we bring on new carriers we always hope they will become long-term partners. Transpak has set the bar high.”

Nestle monitors all of its suppliers—literally thousands of deliveries daily—with a monthly scorecard. They rate pick-up, delivery, damages, and safety. TransPak achieved 99% across all categories for 2015.  Read the full press release.

MinkeeBlue Founder Gets to Finals for QVC Competition on TODAY Show

MinkeeBlue Founder and CEO Sherrill Mosee made her TODAY Show debut last week as one of nine finalists to make it to the final round of QVC-sponsored “Next Big Thing” competition. MinkeeBlue travel and work bags are designed to eliminate the need to carry multiple bags, such as a purse, lunch bag, laptop bag, and gym bag.

Mosee, a member of the WBEC PA-DE-sNJ Regional Partner Organization, founded MinkeeBlue in 2014 and was WBENC-Certified earlier this year. Mosee was inspired to create “organizational fashion for busy professionals whose role changes throughout the day.”

Learn more about MinkeeBlue

See the final pitch:

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