Women Owned Wednesday – Muffin Mam


Company Name: The Muffin Mam, Inc.

Founded: 1990

WBENC Certified: We were originally certified in 2008. We recertified under new ownership in 2015.

HQ: Simpsonville, SC USA

Website: http://www.muffinmam.com

Slogan: “Indulgence you can feel good about.”

Retail: We are have found our strength within private label for national and regional store brands. Ask your local in-store bakery for the Muffin Mam products!

Company Background:

Stephanie Croley, began her path as the Muffin “Mam” in 1990, when she took out a small loan and started a small café in Greenville, SC. She did not have a high school diploma or college degree. What she did have was two small children, bills, and a lot of tenacity.

By 1994, The Company had outgrown its modest facility and purchased a 20,000sq ft manufacturing plant, in Greenville, SC. The product line expanded to new categories and flavor profiles. The Muffin Mam grew to be a major supplier throughout the southeast. Muffin Mam was becoming a national player. My mother faced hardships and obstacles, which led her to create The Muffin Mam, Inc.

By 1999, the company moved into a 55,000sq ft production facility located in Simpsonville, SC. In 2014, Stephanie passed away, leaving the business to her three daughters, and in the care of the companies dedicated leaders. Today our products can be found in all four corners of the United States and parts of South America. We remain a family-owned and -operated business. Muffin Mam has just launched a rebrand to honor the founder and celebrate its 25-year anniversary.

About the Products:

Muffin Mam specializes in custom product development and packaging solutions for in-store bakery items and private label; Crème Cakes, Muffins, Pound Cakes, Brownies, Angel Food Cake, Clean Label, and Better for You baked goods. Our products and packaging are ideal for retail grocery, club stores, food service, schools, convenience stores, and hospitality.

Quote from President: on being a Women Owned business:

“Muffin Mam was founded before programs like WBENC were established or mature. My mother built her business on tenacity, quality, attention to detail, and trial and error. As the second generation of a woman-owned company, I am grateful for the educational resources, relationships, and support that are available to me through WBENC and its partners. It is also comforting to have a community of peers, when many of my very close and dear friends have chosen a career at home with their families.” - Jade LaFreniere

Muffin Mam President Jade LaFreniere

Posted on April 27, 2016 .