Women Owned Wednesday – Soom Foods


Company Name:  Soom Foods

Founded:  2011

WBENC Certified: 2016

HQ: Philadelphia, PA

Website: www.soomfoods.com

Retail: Soom Foods products can be found in restaurants from Boston to LA, and at retail locations throughout the US.  Click here to see a current listing: www.soomfoods.com/find-us/

Slogan: Open Sesame!

Company Background:

We are three hard-working women who love to eat, value health, convenience and quality, and were inspired by the ancient sesame seed—a mystical, powerful seed with the nutrition, taste, and versatility to meet current consumer demands.

Shelby had a business degree, Jackie married a sesame expert, and Amy needed a job. We set out to properly introduce sesame to America, and we combined our individual strengths and passions to launch a tahini product that is delicious, nutritious, and easy for anyone to enjoy.

From then on, we were no longer just sisters. We became the “Soom Sisters,” co-founders of America’s premium tahini company.

About the Products:

Soom Foods produces a premier tahini that is made from the roasting and pressing of only 100% white humera sesame seeds.  These seeds are single-sourced from the northwest part of Ethiopia and are renowned for their health benefits. The seeds are known for the unique flavor they bring to tahini made from them, and the yummy and nutritious Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes flavored with the tahini.  Soom Foods produces food service packaging as well as retail products, which are available through Amazon and select retailers. 

Additionally Soom Foods produces a chocolate sesame butter, made of only three top quality ingredients:  Tahini make from the white humera sesame seeds, sugar, and cocoa powder.  This delicious chocolate spread so no palm oil, nuts, no dairy, and less sugar


“We love to talk about our mother. She is our inspiration. She was an entrepreneur with her own business selling corporate gifts. Her success enabled our dad to follow his dream of building his own business. We find great pride following the example she set and in being women entrepreneurs.”
Posted on April 13, 2016 .