We’re Excited to Have You At The Table: Summit & Salute Roundtable Roundup (Part Two)

As consumer tastes and needs change, industries strive to find innovative ways to rise to the challenges they face. WBEs are poised to add important perspectives to this discussion. Next Wednesday afternoon, corporations in the pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and professional and business services industries will discuss how WBEs can build partnerships, increase flexibility, and bring competitive advantage to the table.

As you plan for Summit & Salute, take a moment to think about which conversations need your voice. Learn more about the complete two-day roundtable agenda here.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23 | 4:00 P.M. – 5:30 P.M. WORKSHOP


Rapid scientific and technological advances paired with socio-demographic shifts add complexities to the Pharmaceutical and Chemical industry already challenged with managing growth under stricter regulations and price controls. As these companies look for innovations and strategic growth investments in biotechnology, nanotechnology, intellectual property protection, and manufacturing platforms, WBEs are positioned to be drivers of change to meet these challenges. Top Corporations in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical industry concentrate on a number of supplier diversity best practices to align with the right WBEs to meet these challenges.

  • Advisory councils ensure broad advocacy across decentralized procurement organizations to utilize WBE suppliers, implement strategic initiatives, and share success stories
  • Investing in multi-year WBE growth strategies allow Top Corporations to build relationships and generate revenue opportunities
  • Creating flexible approaches to assist WBEs in aligning and integrating within the supply chain can lead to a competitive edge for the future 


Automation, data security, and business continuity continue to drive the pace of today’s markets. Companies rely on Professional and Business Services to meet these challenges, helping to continually increase productivity, innovate product offerings, and improve service. Top Corporations in the Professional and Business Services industries identify the best WBEs for their needs through targeted supplier diversity best practices.

  • Executive mentoring and collaborative relationship building allow Professional and Business Services Top Corporations to build long-lasting WBE partners
  • Leveraging global procurement power with prime suppliers allows Top Corporations to support WBEs throughout the supply chain and invest in the financial development, growth and expansion of WBE teaming partners into the future
  • Investing in customized business insights, and access to investors, advisors, and mentors creates strategic growth opportunities for WBEs 


The Retail and Food & Beverage industries are being challenged to rethink traditional concepts. An evolution of demographics and changing consumer preferences are creating unique challenges for retailers. Preference of taste, price, and convenience have shifted product offerings toward health and wellness, safety, and social impact. As the demand for multi-channel retailing increases, so does the need for innovative digital interactions, personalized products, and regionalized logistics to meet consumer preferences. Top Corporations in the Retail and Food & Beverage industries meet these business challenges with a focus on supplier diversity best practices.

  • Sharing WBE success stories and building a strong internal commitment drives the inclusion of WBEs across the organization
  • Programs focused on building capacity, mentorship, and networking with Top Corporation executives creates a pipeline of viable WBEs
  • Through significant engagement and feedback, corporations create opportunities for WBEs to continuously improve and innovate
Posted on March 16, 2016 .