Monday Motivation: 10 Tips to Maximize Your Climb to Summit & Salute!

WBENC’s Summit & Salute kicks off next Tuesday, so take some time this week to prepare for a fantastic event with more than 1500 attendees, including women business leaders and representatives from WBENC’s Corporate and Government Member organizations.

1.    Review the agenda and Summit & Salute website.

  • Know before you go! Don’t be caught unaware of important events and opportunities. Refresh your busy mind on where you are staying, where your meetings are, and who is attending.

2.    Know who is going to be there.

Be prepared to say thank you and congratulate corporate leadership and fellow WBE honorees.

3.    Develop a personal itinerary.

  • You know what is happening and whom you should know. What sessions do you need to attend and whom do you need to meet to impact your business goals?

4.    Download the WBENC Events mobile app.

  • Download the WBENC Events app through iTunes or Google Play, and you will have the chance review the WBENC Summit & Salute Guide, check-in with other attendees, and even embed your personal schedule into your calendar!

5.    Schedule time to prepare for 1:1 MatchMakers.

  • Even the most seasoned professionals need to time to reorient for important meetings. Schedule time before your MatchMakers to ensure you have your pitch down, your questions prepped, and your listening attuned to the particular Corporate Member you’re meeting with.

6.    Recognize the formal and informal networking opportunities.

  • The hallways, general session seating, and even the bathrooms could present you with networking opportunities not only with Corporate Members, but also fellow WBEs. Be open and engaged during breaks and strike up conversation—you never know where business can be found!

7.    Bring plenty of business cards.

  • Never run out of business cards! It may sound silly, but never underestimate how important it is to have a business card at the ready anytime you are asked. Keep your cards in your Summit & Salute event bag!

8.    Engage with WBENC social media and use the #SummitSalute16 hashtag!

  • WBENC has a robust and growing virtual community. Makes sure you’re part of the discussion!
  • Like us on Facebook.
  • Follow us on Twitter.
  • Join our company page on LinkedIn.

9.     Read our daily wrap-ups right here on the WBENC Blog.

  • Each day of #SummitSalute16, we will post highlights and photos from the event. Feel free to share these posts and comment on your favorite speakers and leadership moments.

10.  Have fun!

  • Our Summit & Salute is a time to celebrate! Enjoy all that the city of Phoenix has to offer—and dance your heels off at the Salute Gala on Thursday night.  


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Posted on March 14, 2016 .