Launching the WBENC Blog: A Message from the President

Almost everyone reads blogs.  I was late to the party but chances are you are interacting with blogs when you click that viral link on Facebook. It may surprise you that when you pick up your favorite magazine at the airport or dog-ear a page in any of the business books written in the last 10 years that same writing or thought leadership, has probably been on a digital platform—like a website with a blog.

I ask my marketing team to update me on Blogs as they began their planning for a new WBENC Blog.  In a nut shell they shared that Blogs started out as digital journals, but the modern blog format grew out of the need to share serialized columns and new ideas in a timely manner. The function of a blog is just a type of website code that allows you to post articles, categorize them, and make them searchable.


In 2010, it was estimated that almost 50% of Americans read one blog post a day.  In 2014, the Pew Institute found that Millennials are actually reading much more than Americans over the age of 30 because they are reading digital platforms, like blogs, as well as long-form books.

When we discussed launching a WBENC blog, we knew we had an audience. We knew our WBEs and Corporate Members were looking for timely, engaging content they could access on mobile devices. But our commitment to quality at WBENC is paramount. We knew we had to provide excellent content—relevant, timely information—that would also inspire and involve our communities.

Over the last year, we’ve developed a content strategy that will allow us to provide our constituents with more content, more of the time. Here are a few new features we’re debuting:

  • Let’s Chat – a monthly column where leaders from the WBENC network participate in a Q&A on a business topic.
  • Women Owned Wednesday – Each Wednesday we’ll highlight a Woman Owned business –and featured products with the Woman Owned logo.
  • Opening Doors for Opportunity – Every two weeks, we’ll feature open opportunities and applications for grants, scholarships, and programs for professional development.
  • Around the Network – Interesting links, news, and updates from the entire women business development field.

This platform will also give us opportunities to share important announcements, photos from events, videos on programs and services, and guest blog posts from WBENC’s WBEs, Corporate Members, and so many more.

Yet you won’t lose the WBENC content you’ve come to enjoy. We’ve structured our content so you can enjoy a bite, a snack, or a meal:

  • Bite: Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Perhaps it’s just a headline and a link. 
  • Snack: Subscribe to our blog to get the gears turning in your head and find resources at your fingertips.
  • Meal: Sit down with our bi-monthly magazine, WBENC President’s Report offers in-depth magazine articles, full spreads of events, and profiles of successful WBEs.

We hope you will enjoy this additional content and we want to hear from you as the year goes by as we continue to add more for our communities.

My sincere THANK YOU to the WBENC Marketing team that continues to keep WBENC relevant in all communication spaces!

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Posted on February 4, 2016 .