Blogging 101: You’re Probably Already Reading Blogs

Most people are familiar the major news publications such as The New York Times and The Washington Post.  You can think of blogs as mini, independent, digital publications. There is blog content on pretty much every topic you could think of, from basic business tools, to travel, to sports and so on.

Blogs have a number of characteristics

Frequent Updates: New articles and stories are published on a recurrent basis. Some blogs publish three times a week, some publish three times a day.

Visuals: The nature of the internet enables all kinds of visuals to be shared in incredibly dynamic and interesting ways. You’ll find photos, infographics, videos, and more being shared.

Hyperlinks: One of the most exciting things blogs can do is connect you to even more resources. A blog post talking about the importance of building a marketing campaign might state that social media is important component, linking the word “social media” to another blog post about social media strategy. As a reader, if that topic interests you, there is a direct connection to more information.

Enable dialogue: Many blogs encourage discussion, often bloggers will write about their opinions on a topic and end by asking their readers for their opinion. You may be surprised by the number of additional resources and information you can find in the comments section. Blogs often create a small community where rich dialogue and sharing takes place.

Be Proactive in Your Blog Reading

You of course can continue to wait for content to come to you organically, but if you want a more curated list to your interests you can more proactively find your content. Finding the blogs you like and want to read is kind of like finding the next book you want to read. There are an incredible range of choices and a number of places to look. Step one is literally just finding them, here are a few methods for tracking them down:

Blog Directories: Think of these like the card catalogue of blogs on the internet. Sites like Alltop organized blogs into categories and feature recently published articles, don’t miss their roundup of Entrepreneurship Blogs. There are many, many, many version of Blog Directories, find one that works for your style.

Google Search: Alternatively you can always just search “best entrepreneurship blogs” on Google and see what pops up. Sometimes you’ll get a curated list of “top blogs on entrepreneurship” and some of those blogs themselves will show up in the google search.

Double Check Your Favorite Publications: Do you love reading Inc. Magazine? Almost every printed publication also has a digital publication—a blog—too.

Ask a friend!: Just like you ask your buddies for what books to read or if they enjoyed a movie, find out what blogs have been catching your friends’ eyes.

Blogger Recommendations: Once you find a blog that you love, use them as a new resource. Bloggers will often list out the other blogs they love to read in their “About” section – and they also tend to link to them in their posts.

Stay Connected

Once you find the blogs you like, you want to make sure you can find them again! Before blogs truly hit mainstream most people would just bookmark all of the blogs they liked to read and open a million tabs to find the new posts. Now there are a growing number of resources to help you easily stay on top of your reading. Find one that works for your style:

A Blog Reader: The core functionality of a reader allows you to subscribe to your favorite blogs. When you open the reader on your device it will automatically update with all of the new articles published on the blogs you are subscribed to. This means you do not have to manually go check each blog you want to read, which can be an exhausting task. In essence a blog reader is your own, personally curated, digital magazine. Blog readers can be accessed on your phone through the app store on your phone, tablet, and desktop computer.  Some popular free apps for blog readers are Feedly, Flipboard, Newsblur, Inoreader and Selfoss.

Social Media: Blogs and social media are closely intertwined. After publishing on their blog most bloggers will post on social media with a link post. If you find a blog you like, follow them and click through when you see an article you find interesting.

Subscribe to the Newsletter: Prefer to get content to your inbox instead? Many bloggers also publish a newsletter that highlights the content they published over the week or month. Sign up and you will get regular updates to your inbox.

What are your favorite blogs to read? Do you blog yourself? Share in the comments!

Stay tuned to the blog for a round-up of some popular blogs!


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Posted on February 3, 2016 .