Women Owned Wednesday – Java Mountain


Company Name: Java Mountain Coffee

Founded: 2013

WEConnect International Certified: 2014

HQ: Jakarta, Indonesia

Website: http://www.javamountaincoffee.org

Slogan: Empowering Rural Women


Company Background:  

Java Mountain Coffee aims to establish sustainable coffee alliances with global partners who share our hopes for social change, greater equality for people and a healthier planet. They are committed to empower 1 million rural women farmers and plant 3 million climate resistant coffee and shade trees by 2030.

The 300-year history of coffee production in Java has created extensive inequality amongst its communities. As an attempt to remedy this, a minimum of 10 percent from every sale is to be channeled into our Women’s Empowerment Innovation Fund, which in turn will finance two Sustainable Programs designed to ultimately empower women farmers in Java and Bali islands and thus help reduce inequality.

About the Products: 

Farm fresh, micro roasted and green coffee, picked by women, quality hand sorted by women and sent globally.

Quote from partner Zhaviera Fetriza on being a Women Owned business:

Historical data shows us that men have established and controlled the world's food supply chains which unfortunately has led to dissipating resources and environmental degradation. We see our sustainable coffee approach as an opportunity to lift women’s voices to help address sustainability, and hope to see equal representation by other women in the industry.
We call on all coffee drinkers and industry stakeholders to support rural women who do the majority of the work at the bottom of global coffee supply chains in developing nations to allow them reach their full potential.



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Posted on November 9, 2016 .