#ShopSmall with Small Business Saturday

Without fail, November always surprises me. I wake up November 1st and all of a sudden feel the impending chaos of the holidays infused into my daily to-dos. I know that for the next 60 days there is always going to be a never ending list of additional things that need to get done, including a lot of shopping. There are gifts to be purchased, parties and celebrations to throw, and guests to feed.

At WBENC we talk a lot about how we can ACTIntentionally because how we spend our money shapes the world we live in. Every dollar spent is a dollar in support of that product or company – or in the case of Small Business Saturday, each dollar spent at a small business goes to support the local community. Each year we team up with Small Business Saturday because we know the importance of Joining Forces so that we can all Succeed Together.

We know that supporting small businesses, the jobs they help create, and the culture they instill in local communities benefits us all. According to the U.S. Small Businesses Administration, as of 2014, small businesses nationwide accounted for 63.3% of net new private-sector jobs created and represented 99.7% of firms with paid employees. 1 Now in its seventh year, Small Business Saturday is a day to support the small businesses that can create jobs, boost the economy and preserve neighborhoods around the country. While Small Business Saturday is officially November 26th you can still make sure to #ShopSmall when you’re out running all of your errands.

Happy holidays! May you have all of the energy and joy this holiday season!

1 Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy Frequently Asked Questions, June 2016

Posted on November 14, 2016 .