Monday Motivation - The Power of Appreciation

When was the last time you thanked your employees? Today? Yesterday? Last week?

“Thank you” is a powerful word. People need to know that what they do matters. People who feel appreciated at work are more motivated, more likely to put their best work forward and less likely to leave. Expressing employee appreciation is one of the quickest, easiest and most effective ways to keep your team motivated and engaged.

Unfortunately, the workplace is one of the places where people may not always express gratitude.

There are many ways to share thanks. Here are 5 ways to have a little extra impact when you express employee appreciation:

  1. Stop by and say thank you in person – use the employee’s name
  2. Send a hand written note
  3. Express appreciation publically – at a team or company meeting or in a newsletter
  4. Notice what people are doing right and thank them on the spot
  5. Encourage and provide avenues for peer to peer appreciation and recognition

No matter how you express appreciation, be sure to:

Be timely

Say thank you as close to the event as possible. You want the situation to be fresh in the employee’s mind.

Be specific

What was the behavior or action, what did the employee do that was positive? It is important that the behavior is clear so that it is repeatable.

Share positive impact

Share how the action positively impacted you, the team, the customer, or the organization.

An example: “Thank you for giving that presentation on our target market, Cindy. It really helped the team understand who are messaging is for and that will lead to more precise marketing language. I appreciate your work.”

Thank YOU for taking the time to read this article. Now go and spread some gratitude!

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Posted on October 24, 2016 and filed under Monday Motivation.