2011 Women's Business Enterprise Stars Biographies

Read more about these exemplary women business leaders who received the nation's premier award for excellence among women's business enterprises (WBEs) bestowed by WBENC.

Candice L. Bennett
Candice Bennett & Associates, Inc

In 2002, Candice Bennett read an article about a twenty-something year old woman who had started her own business after getting burned out as a management consultant. “I knew if she could succeed, I could do the same,” says Bennett.

Bennett’s M.A. in Security Policy and B.A. in International Affairs from The George Washington University provided her with the analytical background she used to land her first job in polling. After gaining invaluable research experience, she was poised to launch her own business.

Founded in 2003, CBA is a visionary marketing research firm that helps identify trends for its clients, allowing them to successfully launch new products and services and grow their businesses substantially. “We offer the experience of a large firm, at the cost of a small one.”

CBA’s clients, ranging from Novartis to Choice Hotels, which are global in reach, represent a variety of industries and serve consumers, businesses and governments. CBA offers quantitative research methodologies, in the form of telephone and online surveys. CBA also provides qualitative research in the form of in-depth interviews, focus groups, and in person intercepts.

In response to changing trends in marketing research, Bennett is launching a new product called Social Networking Innovative Quantitative Research (SNIQR), which is going to provide research on social networks. “SNIQR is going to actually allow us to quantify and contextualize what customers are already saying so that companies can provide new products and services that are going to meet these needs.

WBENC Certification has helped Bennett gain exposure with Fortune 500 companies and has helped her build relationships through word-of-mouth references from her current clients. “We try to partner with WBEs whenever we can.

Bennett has been the recipient of numerous awards for her commitment to promoting women in business. In 2010, she was included in Enterprising Women Class of 2010 by Enterprising Women Magazine and received the Outstanding WBE Award from Women Presidents’ Education Organization. In previous years, she received the Spotlight Award and the WBE Partnership Award by the Women Presidents’ Education Organization.


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Rebecca Boenigk
CEO and Chairman of the Board
Neutral Posture, Inc.

Rebecca Boenigk graduated from high school at 17 so that she could start college early. But after three years, she realized that school just wasn’t for her. So in what would have been her senior year, she eschewed conventional education in favor of her first entrepreneurial venture: helping her parents start their first company.

The company went bankrupt after four years and despite not having been in a managerial role, Boenigk felt she knew what they had done wrong. Determined to be successful, she asked her mother, Jaye Congleton, if she’d be willing to “give it another go.

Neutral Posture, was started in 1989 when Boenigk and her mother recognized an opportunity to manufacture and distribute her father’s concept for the Neutral Posture chair. While getting his PhD in ergonomics, Dr. Jerome Congleton had developed a seating system of pressure-reducing contours and custom-fitting adjustments to support the neutral body posture.

Boenigk had worked with her father on this groundbreaking research and had learned a lot about why the chair had been designed the way it had. She and her mother took his concept and developed it into a marketable product.

After their humble beginnings working from their garage to raise enough capital to start the company, Boenigk and her mother got their first taste of success when they won their first sizable order in May 1990. “It was only for 100 chairs but that was huge then,” says Boenigk. She now sells chairs to companies like Apple and UPS.

Neutral Posture has been leading the way in ergonomics since its inception. Neutral Posture was the first company to have adjustable arms on a chair. Now, having adjustable arms on chairs is an industry standard.

Always on the cutting edge, Neutral Posture has developed the N·tune® Seating System that allows workers to be able to sit or stand throughout the day. “Research has shown that if you stand for two additional hours during the day, you burn enough calories to lose 20 pounds in a year,” says Boenigk. She has found that because
of rising health care costs, companies are embracing this technology because it helps improve the wellness of their employees.

Boenigk’s certification through WBENC has enabled her to make connections through supplier diversity channels to the procurement departments of Fortune 500 companies. It has also allowed her to secure federal contracts by way of the women’s procurement program, which nets Neutral Posture about $5 Million a year in sales. She expects that number to double this year.


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Lorelei Carobolante, GPHR

President & CEO

G2nd Systems, LLC

When she was in grade school, Lorelei Carobolante’s Spanish teacher tried to convince her that she wasn’t born with the ability to learn other languages. As of today, she has learned three. It is this same tenacity and determination to overcome obstacles that has made her a successful entrepreneur.

Raised in a family of scientists, Carobolante learned to look at everything with a spirit of research and experimentation, always wondering how things could be improved.

Her father had worked as an aerospace physicist and as a university professor. His career had required the family to move around quite a bit, and because of this, Carobolante became sensitive to the challenges of employee relocation.

Ultimately, I founded the first relocation management firmrepresenting exclusively global companies, which grew into a broader global HR focus that includes the challenges of managing diversity and creating an effective workforce where multiple cultures converge to achieve results,” she says.

Through her extensive research on global business evolution and challenges, Carobolante found that non-native English speakers (who now outnumber native speakers by more than three to one in the global workplace) use English differently than native English speakers—thus significantly affecting business outcomes. This realization led her to identify the need for Intercultural English and to develop a completely new methodology for measurably improving business communication across multiple cultures simultaneously (the Global Second Language® approach).

Carobolante’s firm is unlike other language and communication companies. They typically focus on specific skills and vocabulary whereas G2nd Systems combines the linguistics aspect (including accent clarity) with intercultural intelligence, focusing on what really matters for sustainable business performance and innovation.

We are not a language company, and we are not just a training company,” she says. “We’re a fusion of linguistic, instructional design, and global HR expertise to help companies and teams communicate effectively across multiple cultures at the same time because collaboration is today’s most valuable competitive advantage.

Carobolante feels that her WBENC certification provides a third-party validation of her organization. It has facilitated contract negotiations with clients, provided educational opportunities, and enabled her to understand the needs of corporations that develop supplier diversity sourcing programs. “Most importantly, WBENC certification is a means to understand the sourcing process in context with small business opportunities and expectations.

In 2010, Carobolante was appointed to WBENC’s Women’s Enterprise Leadership Forum and Global Programs Committee. She is an avid promoter of the benefits of national certification and works closely with WBENC to encourage certification among women business owners and facilitate corporate business opportunities for certified Women Business Enterprises (WBEs).


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Sharon Castillo
President and Chief Executive Officer
SB Services, Inc. 

Sharon Castillo had spent 10 years in a Fortune 500 company when she realized that she and corporate politics did not make for good bedfellows. “That prompted me to step out into the world of management consulting, and I’ve never looked back,” she says.

Prior to leaving Corporate America, she was involved in developing one of the very first corporate policies focused on minority and women’s business development in the early 1980’s. When she left to strike out on her own, she had a wealth of knowledge and a desire to make a difference for women in business.

Today, she presides over SB Services, Inc., a management consulting firm that works with corporations in the area of strategy development and execution for corporate sustainability and supplier diversity initiatives. The company is one of the few consulting firms that emphasizes leveraging supplier diversity and corporate sustainability to increase market share. “We have the ability to quickly understand a corporation’s business model, organizational structure, and corporate culture. Our ability to provide Benchmarking and Best Practices provides a competitive edge,” says Castillo.

For the last 20 years, Castillo has designed and implemented supplier diversity initiatives across several industries, ranging from health care and retail to financial services and entertainment. “We’ve conducted over 300 training sessions targeted at C-Suite stakeholders, cross functional senior management, supply chain management, and supplier diversity staff.”

Recently, SB Services has sought growth by broadening its scope and expanding globally, providing services for many of the Global 250. The company has developed customized, Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) compliant, web-based training to educate internal stakeholders and has conducted a precedent-setting survey among 1,500 female consumers across the U.S. to document the link between corporate women’s business development programs and female purchasing behavior at the consumer level.

Castillo’s commitment to promoting women in business is far-reaching. To wit, SB Services is the only firm that assists in facilitating WBENC’s Annual Search for the Top Corporations in America and audits members of the Billion Dollar Roundtable, a group of preeminent Fortune 500 corporations spending over $1 Billion annually with minority/women owned suppliers.

She serves on the Executive Committee for WBENC’s Leadership Forum and chairs the Recruitment Committee. Sharon also participates on WBENC’s International Services and Programs Committee and has worked with corporations in driving women’s business development on a global level.

Castillo’s certification with the WBENC has facilitated many corporate introductions and has enabled her to participate in the Leadership Forum, where she has formed strong working relationships with the owners of many successful women owned firms. “Being able to interact with these ladies on a regular basis year after year, has been a significant, unexpected benefit of my involvement with WBENC. They have been wonderful mentors without even knowing it.”

She attributes her interest in the massive macro economic changes in the global arena to living abroad as a child. She was born in Japan and lived in Europe while her father was in the Air Force. Those early experiences in other countries helped shape the way she views the U.S. . . . as a piece of the world’s global puzzle.


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Pam Curry
Executive Vice President
One Safe Place Media Corp

Pam Curry had a prolific career in journalism before bringing her expertise to One Safe Place. Among her many accolades, Curry won several Emmy Awards for her work with Amber Hagerman’s family. She had been working on a documentary about welfare with the family when Amber was kidnapped. Curry’s coverage of the aftermath received national attention and ultimately led to the creation of the Amber Alert, which has saved countless lives since its inception.

Curry brings the same observational, analytical and leadership skills to her role as Executive Vice President of One Safe Place Media Corp. where they protect and restore clients’ invisible and invaluable holdings … their data.

Founded in 1985, One Safe Place provides offsite data storage and has accomplished thousands of successful disaster recovery drills for its clients. The company was one of the first in North America to provide online data backup. On the strength of its reputation and reliability, One Safe Place has built a portfolio of clients that span the Fortune 1000 with locations in 24 countries.

We make it our business to look out over the horizon and anticipate the unexpected. Then we make sure that we have the technology, expertise and resources to protect and restore our clients’ data against known and unknown threats,” Curry says.

One Safe Place applies performance-improving, future-technology today and continues its commitment to “Keeping Your Business in Business™” The company employs a private, highly secured data center, out-of-state back up facilities and state-of-theart restoration technology.

Through a proven and rigorous system of checks and balances, One Safe Place is able to help its clients restore data from hardware or software failure, or from natural disaster. “And more than 90 percent of the data lost by companies is the result of some kind of hardware or software failure or human error, so every company is vulnerable,” says Curry.

One of Curry’s top priorities has been taking an active role in women’s business activities, especially those sponsored by the Women’s Business Council Southwest. In 2010, Pam was honored with the WBE “Rising Star” award.

Curry’s certification with WBENC has afforded many networking opportunities. “WBENC has opened a lot of doors for us and given us the opportunity to share our capabilities and accomplishments with some of the nation’s greatest corporations.


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Rosalie Stackman Edson
President and Owner
Meadows Office Furniture Company

Rosalie Edson grew up in a middle-income family in the Bronx. Her father worked feverishly at his women’s apparel business to support her homemaker mother and her three siblings. She knew at a young age that what she wanted was financial independence. “Success was my plan,” says Edson.

While attending college, she became actively involved in her father’s business. She would eventually run that business until there was a downturn in the garment industry and she took some time off to raise her son.

Edson later married the founder of Meadows Office Furniture and assumed the ownership and leadership of the organization upon her husband’s retirement.

She discovered a passion for office furniture and for running a business. “My goals and aspirations revolved around doing something I loved and being very successful at it.” Her success began 20 years ago when Meadows became the provider for two Fortune 200 companies. Meadows subsequently became their largest diverse supplier.

Meadows is a full-service Distributor of Contract Furniture and related office furnishings and is a preferred partner of some of the world’s leading manufacturers of contract furniture and architectural products.

Edson credits her employees with the success of her business. “I have the most skilled, professional, committed group of people that understand their roles and execute these roles every day with optimum results.” Meadows’ service-oriented philosophy is embraced throughout the organization, resulting in a customer service experience that is unparalleled in the industry.

Edson is a tireless advocate for women in business. She joined the Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) to help promote successful women in business and serve as a mentor to professional women on the rise. She was also recognized as one of the Top 100 Minority Women Business Owners by Professional Woman’s Magazine and she serves on the National Advisory Board of Enterprising Women Magazine.

She feels strongly that her certification through WBENC has opened doors of opportunity for Meadows. “WBENC has given me the opportunity to meet a host of Corporate Members, who are truly interested in doing business with women owned enterprises. It sets a platform for getting to know these corporate representatives in order to understand their needs and how my products and services can accommodate those needs.”


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Floriza Genautis
Management Business Solutions

Floriza Genautis’ mother was an entrepreneur who made great sacrifices to bring her family to America from the Philippines. Seeing the struggles that her mother endured influenced Genautis’ approach to life and to business. “It taught me to be independent, and to not accept working for someone else if the situation was not ideal,” she says.

After spending some time working on a temp basis for a staffing firm, she realized that a position as a recruiter was an ideal match for her skill set. She also realized that if she wanted to work for a unique, innovative staffing company that fulfilled her vision of what a firm should be, she would have to create it herself.

Through Management Business Solutions (MBS), Genautis has successfully leveraged her many years of experience to identify, evaluate, attract and place highly qualified professional candidates.

MBS designs customized solutions to meet the specialized needs of its clients. It is a professional staffing firm with national capabilities offering personalized and relationship driven solutions. MBS provides staffing solutions in areas ranging from Accounting to Healthcare Administration.

Our dedication to diversity has been a primary motivator for us to be more inclusive in our staffing solutions. We also participate and align our organization with various diversity and inclusive organizations that provide us the visibility and ability to attract diverse talents,” says Genautis.

The main premise of Management Business Solutions is the value Genautis places on building relationships, both externally and internally. In fact, she feels that the key to her company’s success has been the collaboration of the dedicated and empowered team that she has assembled. “I wanted to make sure that we hire not just employees but future owners of the organization.”

Genautis credits her WBENC certification with giving her company access to various corporations through supplier diversity. “WBENC certification has also leveled the playing field for us and opened doors to clients who value diversity. It always gives us an ‘extra selling point’ and a higher level of credibility with all clients.”

Management Business Solutions also is certified as a Minority and Women Business Enterprise through the Michigan Minority Business Development Council (MMBDC). MBS recently received its SBA 8(a) certification, qualifying the company to bid on Federal contracts.


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Angie Hollerich
Brass Ring Productions, Ltd.

When Angie Hollerich got divorced in 1988, she quickly realized that 80% of the income she had come to rely on was gone. She was determined not to let that financial set-back define her. “I knew that my future was dependent on my ability to earn a decent income.”

Her first business was in the financial industry as an advisor. But after 10 years, she realized that she enjoyed the educational aspect of the business more than the money management. So she sold her financial business and started her speaking business, Brass Ring Productions.

She shifted in a direction that allowed her to increase her product line and her services. “I provided financial education while I was managing portfolios, so it was an easy transition when I decided to speak and train full time. The biggest challenge was to go from speaking and training for free, to charging a fee.”

Hollerich’s many years of experience have allowed her to customize tailored solutions for her clients’ specific needs. She’s able to draw upon her expertise to provide ad-hoc solutions as necessary. And in today’s ever-changing climate, her ability to remain flexible is what makes her unique in her industry. In addition to financial topics, Hollerich trains on strategic communication and professional development.

This flexibility has been an asset to Hollerich during the recent economic downturn. “I had my worst year in 2009 and had to readjust how I obtained business.” She found that forming relationships with organizations was critical to her continued success. Many of them already had material, but needed a qualified trainer to deliver the content.

She’s also been able to successfully convince companies that investing in their people improves employee retention and positively affects their bottom line. “I think in this day and age when individuals spend money on training; they want it to be highly results driven.”

For Hollerich, WBENC certification has enabled her to land several lucrative contracts. It has also provided invaluable networking opportunities with other successful WBEs and the ability to sub-contract with them on larger contracts.

WBENC is a remarkable organization. I’ve been certified for 15 years, and I think the most impact that it has had for me is the opportunity to connect not only with other women owned businesses, but also with the companies that want to hire and support women. So it has been a phenomenal asset to my company.”


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Monique A. Honaman
Founder & Partner
ISHR Group

As a child, Monique Honaman grew up next to a pond where she would dig up worms and night crawlers and store them in cans. “People who came to fish on the lake knew to come to my house for bait,” she says. She didn’t realize it at the time but she had been bitten by the “entrepreneur bug.”

After grad school, Honaman did a stint in corporate America, working in HR for General Motors and General Electric before recognizing that her true passion was focused on leadership development. She decided to return to her entrepreneurial roots, and taking what she had learned at GM and GE, founded ISHR Group 12 years ago.

Her certifications in Six Sigma Quality and the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) allow her to work with corporate leaders, helping them leverage their strengths within their organizations. “Our commitment is to build relationships and partnerships with our clients,” says Honaman. Through the recently launched “Guide Coaching™” program, ISHR Group teaches leaders transformational skills to truly create a ‘culture of coaching’ that builds engagement and alignment within the organization.

Success in business follows personal success for Honaman. “I credit my parents with influencing my path and contributing to my success,” she says. They taught her to always have a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, and to always treat others with respect and kindness. Following their advice to always do what’s right, in 2010 she wrote and published her first book “The High Road Has Less Traffic” and is currently speaking and leading workshops on the content.

When not spending time with her husband and two children, Honaman is busy advocating for women in business. In fact, she credits the success of ISHR Group with bringing on two amazing women business partners, defying the notion that “friends can’t be business partners and business partners can’t be friends.”

All of the business partners that we have, such as our printer and our web designer, are all women-owned businesses themselves.” says Honaman. Her affiliation with WBENC has allowed her to make valuable connections that have opened the doors needed to leverage her business.

She was also named one of the “2007 Enterprising Women of the Year” by Enterprising Women and she serves as the Chapter Chair for the Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) in Atlanta.


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Patty Klein
President and Chief Executive Officer
A-Plus Meetings & Incentives

Family played a pivotal role in influencing Patty Klein’s career path. Her love of travel was inspired by her father, who traveled extensively while Klein was growing up. Her grandfather was a self-made entrepreneur who taught her about negotiation, customer service, and striving to attain her goals.

After high school, Klein matriculated at Princeton University where she graduated from the Wilson School of Public Policy. She later earned her MBA from Harvard Business School. “While many of the courses I took may not be directly related to my current business, the critical thinking and business strategy skills have contributed greatly to my success,” says Klein.

She parlayed those skills into a job working as VP of Marketing for a health and beauty aids retailer. After some time, however, she became frustrated by corporate indecision and her lack of control over the direction of the company. When a business broker approached her with a business that trained people to get into the travel industry, Klein jumped at the chance to combine her passions for both travel and business. “From there, we branched out by opening a travel agency and then we got into corporate meeting planning,” says Klein. “After that, the meeting planning grew quickly through referrals from thrilled clients.”

A-Plus Meetings & Incentives is a full service meeting, planning, and incentive company where Klein and her staff strive to make all their guests feel like VIPs. “We have a culture of doing whatever it takes to satisfy an attendee, whether it’s the CEO or an administrative assistant.” She believes in maintaining a strict “A-Plus” level of customer service that is evident in the no hand offs policy, where one person is responsible for the client’s program from inception to completion.

Leveraging her strong business background, Klein is able to help her clients by planning agendas and designing content that can reduce meeting and incentive costs. This allows her clients to enhance the effectiveness of their programs, yielding a high return on their investment.

A-Plus has been fortunate to serve a number of high-growth Fortune 500 companies, including Staples, Ryder System, and DHL. Klein further credits her company’s success to her certification with WBENC. (A-Plus has been honored to be the meeting planner for the Summit & Salute for the last two years.)

WBENC certification has provided the opportunity for us to showcase our capabilities to many of the top corporations in the country. When corporations see our staff in action, they realize that we offer unique, exceptional service. WBENC certification opens doors for us and will continue to be a strong element of our revenue generation strategy.”


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Janell McGill
Milligan Events

Janell McGill’s family played a vital role in her success. Through healthy sibling rivalry, she learned how to work in teams and build trust and mutual respect. “Being raised by hard working parents who insisted we leave everything better than we found it, instilled a strong work ethic that has proved invaluable throughout my path,” says McGill.

After she graduated from college, she envisioned herself as CEO somewhere … someday. “But it wasn’t until the founder of Milligan hired me to manage the business that I realized I had such a big entrepreneurial appetite.”

At Milligan Events, McGill and her team manage high profile corporate events, conferences, trade shows, product launches, executive summits, road shows, and galas and attendee gatherings for groups ranging in size from 50 to 15,000 in major U.S. cities and around the globe. Milligan Events creates event experiences that advance business objectives, enhance company visibility, and set the stage for successful product launches, but most importantly, inspire attendees.

McGill’s collaborative approach has been instrumental in her company’s success. This has enabled her to retain seasoned event managers who really listen to the needs of the client and respond effectively to their pain points.

On some levels I think my innate need to take care of others nourishes all of my business relationships in a very authentic way. Being raised to always give my best certainly impacts my leadership style and my drive to improve processes, which illustrates Milligan’s commitment to raise the bar of every event.” In fact, Milligan
Events’ outstanding work earned them Microsoft’s Excellence in Value Award.

In response to changing meeting industry trends, Milligan Events has added virtual events as a complementary component. “But what we’ve seen is that the value of the face to face meeting still speaks volumes over any virtual experience and thus have seen an increased interest in hybrid events.”

Helping Milligan Events get certified as a woman owned business was McGill’s first project with the company. “Certification with WBENC has helped expand our network and given us access to many more clients.” Certification combined with active participation in WBENC sponsored events has provided McGill with networking opportunities that she’s leveraged to engage Fortune 500 decision makers. “It’s our follow through on those initial interactions that is getting us the business.”

The one piece of advice McGill would give any business owner is to “If you’re not taking care of yourself, you can’t give us your best, which means you’re not good for your family and you’re not good for your company.”


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Michele McHenry
Laser Lab, Inc.

Where Michele McHenry grew up, women were expected to become teachers, secretaries or nurses. So she went to college and became a registered nurse. But through a summer program in her senior year of high school, the same college that taught her nursing had also taught her that what she really wanted was to be an entrepreneur. “I learned how to operate a business from pricing and purchasing products to financials,” says McHenry.

She made the jump from nurse to business owner when an intern at her husband’s company showed her how to remanufacture empty toner cartridges.

As a nurse, she had learned empathy and customer service by taking care of people. Today, McHenry combines that nurturing with the morals and values instilled in her by her loving, Christian family. She built her company on a culture of honesty and integrity – a tenet that’s at the core of what she does at Laser Lab.

Started in 1991 in the basement of her home, Laser Lab specializes in remote print management, quality remanufactured toner cartridges and refurbished laser printers. “Our remote print management software, Print Web, allows us to be ‘the eyes and ears’ for our customers, monitoring toner levels and error messages, often knowing before our clients that they need supplies or service.”

Providing this remote service allows Laser Lab to offer cost effective solutions, minimal downtime, and sustainability for their partners – an invaluable resource in these difficult economic times. In response to recent trends, Laser Lab has also expanded its services to address the merging of the copier and printer industries, providing McHenry with more opportunities to grow her company.

McHenry stumbled upon WBE certification accidentally after having purchased a WBE certified competitor’s business and mistakenly filling out the wrong form. “That mistake turned into the gift of certification with so many wonderful opportunities and friendships wrapped inside. Through WBENC, I’ve found that the joy in helping others achieve their goals makes us all successful.”

McHenry’s belief in joint success is evidenced by her inclusive leadership style. “By involving my employees in problem solving and decision making, every employee brings a personal responsibility to the success of Laser Lab.”

She inspires those around her and encourages others to never be deterred by obstacles. “Find innovative ways to overcome challenges. And with time and perseverance, great companies will grow and prosper.”


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Janice E. Migliore
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Janice Migliore was born into entrepreneurship. She grew up around family who owned grocery stores and restaurants and who had varied careers in music, dry cleaning, party stores and distributorships. Through that experience she learned the importance of working as much as is necessary to make a business viable.

I don’t remember a time when I didn’t desire to learn and to work and to have a career. It seems as if I always wanted to be innovative and to accept challenges, so I guess I always wanted to be an entrepreneur,” says Migliore.

In school, she was taught to be a leader. It was ingrained in her that nothing was impossible and nothing was beyond her reach. In fact, Migliore finished college and received her graduate degree from New York University (NYU) while working full time.

Today, Migliore uses that passion and drive to run PALCO, a reverse logistics, failure analysis, repair and refurbishment business which provides end-to-end supply chain solutions for every customer. The company currently employs 350 people in four facilities.

PALCO also recently expanded into Europe with its newest facility in Venlo, The Netherlands. This European expansion will ultimately include the Asian-Pacific (APAC) region and the Republic of Mexico. The expansion provides a solution to support global companies, while allowing continued business growth in the Americas.

Like most companies, the struggling economy presented challenges to palco. However, migliore has responded by increasing the company’s efficiency and cross-training her employees so they’re able to tackle multiple roles, providing cost savings for palco and for its customers.

Through Migliore’s leadership, PALCO was certified with WBENC as a tier-1 diversity company. Additionally, PALCO is ISO-9001 and TL9000 certified. The company has been the recipient of numerous awards, including being named a TOP 100 Diversity Company and was nominated for an SBA award as a top technology company in Madison County.

It is a wonderful time of opportunity for a woman owned business. Being a nationally recognized certified woman-owned business provides additional leverage for PALCO. When vying for new business, WBENC Certification provides an edge for us,” says Migliore.

Through networking opportunities provided by her affiliation with WBENC, Migliore has been able to secure Fortune 500 business. “It’s made the community, our state, and the nation aware of what we can do.”


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Elizabeth (Beth) Williams
President, CEO & Owner
Roxbury Technology Corporation

We pride ourselves on being a socially responsible company by focusing on what I like to call the three the three P’s ... People, the Planet, and Profits.”

Beth Williams learned a lot of what she knows about business from her father. Upon graduating from Brown University, she went to work for her dad as Production Control Manager at his first start-up company. There, he served as her mentor, training and guiding her.

After several years, she left her father’s company to join corporate America where she worked her way up the corporate ladder. However, after her father’s sudden death in 2002, she left her post at Blue Cross and Blue Shield and succeeded her father as CEO of one of his later start-ups, Roxbury Technology Corporation (RTC.)

Under Williams’ leadership, RTC made a successful transition from solely distributing toner cartridges to manufacturing them, resulting in strong revenue and profit portfolios. Today, RTC is an eco-friendly, full service remanufacturer and distributor of recycled toner and ink cartridges and provider of imaging solutions for its customers.

Williams describes RTC as a Green company committed to sustainability. “We are socially, environmentally and economically responsible. We are making a difference while making a profit,” she says.

Unlike many other companies, the downturn in the economy has actually been extremely beneficial for Roxbury Technology. Clients who had historically been reluctant to try a recycled or remanufactured product are now seeing the value. “Not only with it being a sustainable product, one that’s not ending up in a landfill, but it’s also a product that saves money.” Another factor that has helped buoy Williams’ business is that many companies are recognizing the importance of “going green.”

Williams has worked to secure Fortune 500 clients by looking for like-minded companies. “Companies that value people and the environment, and that have social initiatives tend to be the best customers for Roxbury Technologies,” says Williams.

Roxbury Technology’s connection with WBENC has provided tremendous networking opportunities for Williams. “Through the national Summit, the Salute Awards Dinner, WBENC’s National Conference & Business Fair, and many of the local events, I’ve met fellow entrepreneurs as well as many potential corporate customers. And it’s really these connections that have been beneficial to Roxbury.”

Among the many awards she’s received, Williams was named the 2004 Hall of Fame Winner for a Startup Business by the Boston Women’s Business Journal. In 2010, Roxbury Technology was named #1 Top MWBE by Boston Business Journal and one of the Top 50 Fastest Growing Women-Owned/Led Companies in North America sponsored by America Express OPEN.

But perhaps her greatest achievement and source of all her pride is her 16-year-old son, who too is developing into a leader of his own both academically and athletically at one the oldest most recognized boarding schools in the country.


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