The Tuck-WBENC Executive Program

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The 2016 Tuck-WBENC Executive Program application process is now closed.

Program Session: September 25-30, 2016 in Palisades, NY

Application Deadline:  Monday, May 2, 2016


Program Description 

The Tuck-WBENC Executive Program is an intensive, five-day executive development program for WBENC-Certified Women's Business Enterprises (WBEs). It is an intensive learning experience that focuses primarily on increasing the competitive advantage and robustness of the participant's own business. Up to 60 WBE attendees will form a learning community that will continue to provide a source of support, expertise, opportunities, and strategic alliances long after graduation.

This executive development program is designed to help WBEs that are beyond the startup phase to assess, improve and grow their businesses. To survive and prosper in today's fast-moving, highly volatile business climate, WBEs must ensure they have all the essential components of a highly integrated business, such as:

  • Financial analysis and decision making
  • Clear and focused strategy
  • Superior value
  • Creating customer orientation
  • Optimal core business processes
  • Motivated and empowered staff
  • Carefully managed relationships for long-term success

Graduate professors from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth will engage WBE participants in learning and discussions specifically designed to make a difference in how owners think about and operate their businesses when they return from the program. The primary case study is the participant's own business. Through collaborative learning groups, WBEs will apply the tools they have learned to assess and improve their businesses, using the same diagnostic and strategy-implementation approaches that external consultants would use.       

Candidate Eligibility

  • Currently certified and in good standing as a women business enterprise by WBENC
  • Must be the owner of the company
  • Have a minimum of three years’ experience running a business
  • Maintain a minimum annual sales volume of $500,000

Program Fee

The total cost of the program is $3,750 for WBENC-Certified WBEs.

Please note that WBENC offers a scholarship opportunity for those who qualify. The Dorothy B. Brothers Scholarship can be applied to the cost of the Tuck-WBENC Executive Program and other executive development programs in support of WBENC-certified WBEs. For more information on the scholarship, please visit the Dorothy B. Brothers Scholarship page.

How to Apply

The 2016 application deadline was May 2, 2016.

Sponsorship Opportunities 

Please contact Lindsay Burger at 202-872-5515, ext. 8102 or for information on the Tuck-WBENC Executive Program sponsorship opportunities for WBE participation and a 2016 Sponsorship Commitment Form.    

Recap: Class of 2015

The 2015 program brought together a dynamic group of women business owners with the world-class faculty of Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business and IBM, one of America's Top Corporations for WBEs. IBM has been the programs sole underwriter from its start and continues to demonstrate tremendous impact on WBEs, their strategic growth and created an unbreakable bond between the WBE participants.           

Held at the IBM Palisades, Dolce property in Palisades, NY, IBM hosted the program and brought key staff from procurement, supplier diversity and marketing to network with the group throughout the week. The Class of 2015 was also able to network and enjoy in the celebration dinner with the WBENC Executive Committee.  WBENC extends a special thank you to IBM for their continued support of this program and providing stellar corporate representation: Dan Carrell,
Phyllis McCarley Wood, Rashmy Chatterjee and Katy Brownley. Also in attendance at the 2015 Tuck-WBENC Executive Program were President & CEO of WBENC, Pamela Prince-Eason, WBENC Board Chair and Director of Supplier Diversity for Raytheon, Benita Fortner as well as Pat Birmingham, Vice President, Marketing, and Candace Waterman, Chief of Staff, Certification & Program Operations for WBENC. 


2015 Program Schedule Overview


Testimonials - Class of 2015

"The Tuck-WBENC Executive Program was life changing. I am a business owner, but I was never trained on how to actually manage a growing company. The top-notch professors from Tuck and the professional team at WBENC helped me learn more about executive leadership, accounting, excellent customer service and why it’s so important to work with other WBEs. I also met a fantastic network of women that will be my advisors and friends for many years to come. Thank you WBENC for offering such a wonderful development opportunity."

̶ Laura Gross, Scott Circle

“The program enriched my leadership, gave me new perspectives and grew my knowledge base by leaps and bounds.  The quality of the program exceeds what is presently available for executives as it gives a leader 5 days to learn, reflect, collaborate and take your leadership to a new level when you are willing to stretch your beliefs.  My organizations success will be accelerated as a result of being in this program.  It is a “must-do” for any leader driven by the greater good of business & leadership.” 

̶ Betsy Cerulo, AdNet