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August 2011
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WBENC Certification for SBA WOSB Federal Contracting Program
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Two WBENC Corporate Members Win EEI Supplier Diversity Awards
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Expanding upon its continuing quest to develop and secure valid research on women in business, WBENC invites you to participate in an initiative designed to learn more about courage in entrepreneurship and to test how entrepreneurs define and view the role, actions and the importance of courage in owning a business. WBENC is one of three organizations participating in the study and the only national participating organization, as well as the prime organization designated to provide the bulk of responses from women entrepreneurs. Upon completion of the online survey, each respondent will be asked to select an organization to receive a $2 contribution, which will be made by the researcher. Be sure to select WBENC to demonstrate your support to women's business initiatives.

An important aspect of the study is its focus on the leadership attribute in business entrepreneurship, specifically exploring how entrepreneurs perceive the roles and actions of courage in entrepreneurship. The study is also an examination of the differences between male and female entrepreneurs' perception of courage as a leader in operating their own businesses. To access and complete this online survey, visit
Courageous Entrepreneurial Leadership Study, and remember to select WBENC at the end of the study to ensure $2 is donated by the researcher in exchange for your time. It should take between 10-15 minutes to complete the survey. The survey is scheduled to conclude on August 31, 2011.

This rare topic is being researched as part of the dissertation program of a student of Walsh College, who has advanced to candidacy in the Doctor of Management program. Walsh College full-time Professors Lee Meadows, Ph.D.; Sheila Ronis, Ph.D.; and Marla Scafe, Ph.D., along with Walsh College Adjunct Assistant Professor Richard Radners, Jr., Ed.D. serve on the dissertation advisory committee.


President's Message from
Pamela Prince-Eason

Setting the Vision . . . Seizing the Opportunity

Having completed a successful National Conference & Business Fair, WBENC has now turned the organization's attention to the planning and activities that will ensure WBENC is contributing to our collective success in the months and years to come.

Our 2011 National Conference & Business Fair exceeded expectations for attendance, exhibitors and positive feedback. Now, we are moving full steam ahead into the second half of the year – setting our sights on the new Strategic Plan which will not only steer WBENC toward its 15th anniversary in 2012, but also take us further on our Roadmap to 2020.

Immediately preceding the Conference Kick-Off in June, I engaged our Board of Directors in an analysis of the strengths and opportunities facing us in the years ahead. As part of our work in shaping the organization's Strategic Plan, I would like to share some of our initial findings with you now.

Let's start with our Vision – where we aspire for WBENC to be in the future:

As the leading advocate for and authority on women-owned businesses as suppliers to corporations and government entities, WBENC builds a stronger economy by creating parity for women business enterprises through our world class Certification and by providing marketplace access and resources.

In fact, what we heard from our Board members aligns with our Vision. They said that some of our greatest strengths are our extraordinary Corporate Member base and the world class WBENC Certification that provides our Women's Business Enterprises with invaluable credentials in accessing the marketplace.

Our Board also surfaced some key opportunities that lay ahead. An important area of focus must be the technology infrastructure that is utilized by both WBENC and our Regional Partner Organizations. We are already at work enhancing our technology to convey and provide timely access to meaningful information to our Corporate Members and WBEs that will enable them to achieve their business goals. Additionally, we are working on our social media strategy, our virtual presence in the women's social network community, and our overall brand heightening effort.

Another key opportunity cited was third-party certification of WBEs to qualify for Federal contracts.

So, it was quite timely to learn last month that WBENC received the Small Business Administration's approval to be a Third-Party Certifier for Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) certification as part of the Small Business Administration's WOSB Federal Contracting Program. As most of you know, this program will provide women owned small businesses with greater access to federal contracting opportunities and will allow buyers for Federal entities - for the first time - to set aside specific contracts for certified WOSBs.

Working together with our Regional Partner Organizations, we are extremely proud to offer this certification– and to seize this important strategic opportunity. (NOTE: See the Question & Answers below outlining information on WBENC's WOSB Government Certification.)

Any WBENC-certified WBE can be evaluated for WOSB certification; and any woman owned-business, which applies for WOSB certification, also simultaneously will receive WBENC certification. To support our anticipated growth, we are expanding our team to support certification program needs across our network. Joining Candace Waterman, C.C.A., Senior Director of Compliance & Alliance Relationships, and Aditi Dussault, Senior Manager of Compliance, and Susan Cates, Alliance Relationships Manager, will be LaKesha White, Senior Certification Program Manager. Together, they are responsible for corporate and government certifications.

We believe that access to both the corporate and government marketplaces will be key to success of our certified WBEs in the future. We are concentrating our efforts to deliver value to our Corporate Members and government entities, while also enabling our WBEs access to both markets. We also validated that the heart of our mission continues to be our COR Values – Certification, Opportunities and Resources.

We will continue to improve these COR Values through a portfolio of activities delivered by WBENC and the Regional Partner Organizations. These activities will capitalize on the strength of our events, enhanced MatchMaker opportunities, impactful research, and new creative channels enabling access to capital.

As we plan our key events for our 15th anniversary in 2012, it is an excellent time for each of you to consider how you might want to play a role in WBENC's celebration. Plan to participate in our Summit & Salute in Baltimore in March, and our National Conference & Business Fair in Orlando in June 2012. Plan to exhibit, participate in workshops, or raise your company's visibility through our many strategic sponsorship opportunities.

We are WBENC, and it is only through working together that we can attain our goals and maximize the opportunities before us.

In the last few years, we have focused on WBENC as your Opportunity Connection. Now, we are actively looking onto the horizon . . . planning our Vision, measuring our Progress and presenting you with Opportunities for a robust future.

Pamela Prince-Eason
President and CEO

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WBENC Certification for Small Business Administration WOSB Federal Contracting Program

With last month's announcement that the Small Business Administration (SBA) approved WBENC as a Third Party Certifier of Women Owned Small Businesses (WOSB) for the SBA's WOSB Federal Contracting Program, WBENC significantly expanded its role in providing access to markets – now corporate and government – for Women's Business Enterprises (WBEs).

"We are extremely proud to offer this certification to our WBENC-certified WBEs and other women owned businesses nationwide. More importantly, this enables WBENC to be the point of entry for women's businesses to both the corporate and the government marketplaces," said WBENC President and CEO Pamela Prince-Eason. "We believe that this will lead to women's business growth and a much needed, positive impact on our economy."

Below we offer the latest information regarding our new process for attaining WOSB certification. Any WBENC-certified WBE can be evaluated for WOSB certification; and any woman owned-business, which applies for WOSB certification, also simultaneously will receive WBENC certification.

The SBA WOSB Federal Contracting Program enables contracting officers to set aside certain contracts for competition among women owned small businesses (WOSBs) or economically disadvantaged-women owned small businesses (EDWOSBs) for the provision of goods and services to the Federal Government.

How does this help women-owned businesses?

The Program provides government-owned procuring agencies a tool to help meet their WOSB contracting goal of 5% of prime contracting dollars being awarded to WOSBs. Additionally, restricting competition to qualified WOSBs and EDWOSBs increases their success to compete for and win federal contracts. (Note that WBENC will certify WOSBs, not EDWOSBs at this time.)

What industries does this affect?
There are 83 four-digit North American Industry Classification Systems (NAICS) codes which equates to over 300 six-digit NAICS codes that are eligible for Federal Contracting under the WOSB Program. To see what codes are eligible please go to:

What does this mean to WBENC Certified WBEs?
If you are a WBENC certified WBE who is interested in pursuing WOSB certification and you are currently providing goods and services in the eligible NAICS codes categories, you will complete the following steps:

  1. As of September 1, 2011, visit and click on Certification (located in the navigation bar in the top right corner of homepage) to access the application for WBENC's WOSB Government Certification (SBA WOSB Federal Contracting program) and the list of documentation required to complete the application process.
  2. Read the WOSB Compliance guidelines/requirements.
  3. Complete the documentation and submit to the local certifying Regional Partner Organization in your area. The WOSB certification process will take approximately 30 days.
  4. Contact the local certifying Regional Partner Organization in your area with any additional questions.

What are the next steps once WOSB certification has been obtained through WBENC?
Once WOSB Certification is obtained through WBENC, the SBA requires you to complete the following steps:

  1. Register on the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) as a WOSB.
  2. Log onto the SBA's General Login System (GLS) to obtain an account if you don't already have one.
  3. Go to the WOSB Program repository (through GLS) and upload/categorize your documents as outlined in the directions provided there.
  4. Represent your status in the Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA).

Moving forward, you will receive additional information and updates from WBENC and your Regional Partner Organization regarding the WOSB Program.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact:

Candace Waterman, Senior Director of Compliance and Alliance Relationships
202-872-5515 ext. 8102

Aditi Dussault, Senior Manager of Compliance
202-872-5515 ext. 8024

LaKesha White, Senior Certification Program Manager
202-872-5515 ext. 8021

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Words of Wisdom Video

Click image to play video on YouTube.
Video produced by Maslow Media Group.

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WBENC Sponsors in the Spotlight

Sponsors are critical to the success of every WBENC Conference because in addition to funding, they participate as panelists, workshop facilitators, exhibitors, MatchMaker interviewers, and more. WBENC's 2011 National Conference & Business Fair took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 21st-23rd, and brought together over 3,000 corporations and women's business enterprises (WBEs). During the three day event, the corporate and WBE sponsors played an important role in engaging conference participants through invaluable networking, opportunity sharing sessions, and real discussions about potential product and service needs. In particular, WBENC recognizes its Conference Co-Chairs, Amgen, The Act•1 Group, and Zorch International, for their efforts in making the conference a success.

"As the top sponsors of our Conference, each of these three companies has contributed to WBENC's commitment to deliver on its promise to provide access, opportunities, training, and a networking environment conducive to exploration of the type of business possibilities that ultimately stimulate our nation's economy," said WBENC President and CEO Pamela Prince-Eason. "At WBENC, another important part of our foundation is recognition, and we feel it is imperative to recognize Amgen, The Act•1 Group, and Zorch International for their important contributions as Co-Chairs of WBENC's Conference."

Amgen served as the Corporate Co-Chair of the 2011 WBENC National Conference & Business Fair. Amgen discovers, develops, manufactures, and delivers innovative human therapeutics. A leader in biotechnology since 1980, Amgen was one of the first companies to realize the new science's promise by bringing safe, effective medicines from lab, to manufacturing plant, to patient. Today, as a Fortune 500 company serving millions of patients, Amgen continues to be an entrepreneurial, science-driven enterprise dedicated to helping people fight serious illness. Amgen therapeutics have changed the practice of medicine, helping millions of people around the world in the fight against cancer, kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, bone disease, and other serious illnesses.

Farryn Melton, CPM, a Vice President of Global Strategic Sourcing, for Amgen spoke at a General Session event on the first day of the conference: Co-Chair Perspectives, along with Janice Bryant Howroyd, The Act•1 Group's Chairman and CEO. Ms. Melton provided WBEs a valuable perspective on what qualities and capabilities are needed and required by today's leading corporations.

Given Amgen's leadership in the fast-moving biotechnology space, Melton's take on how women's businesses need to stay innovative and able to respond to a company's changing needs was particularly relevant to the audience. "The 2011 WBENC Conference & Business Fair was a great success and provided many opportunities for Women's Business Enterprises to meet stakeholders in the supplier diversity and procurement process," Ms. Melton said. Wendy Matheu, Supplier Diversity Liaison Officer for Amgen, participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony launching the opening of WBENC's Business Fair. Amgen was one of many exhibitors during Wednesday's Business Fair providing suppliers the opportunity to connect with its Global Strategic Sourcing Staff and representatives from Amgen's MSP Programs for facility services and contingent workforce.

The Act•1 Group, a global leader in human capital solutions, was one of two WBE Co-Chairs of the 2011 WBENC National Conference & Business Fair. Act•1 is a powerful force as it enables over 13,000 corporations around the globe to identify the right talent and initiates economic change by putting people to work. The organization allows companies to achieve process efficiency and provides opportunity for over 2,000 suppliers worldwide. Through a comprehensive suite of international services, Act•1 combines the commercial staffing brand of AppleOne and the workforce procurement and management arm of Agile•1 to deliver best in class results. Many small and women-owned businesses participate in opportunities to showcase their capabilities, as well as gain solid business relationships that are supported by her company's solutions.

Ms. Janice Bryant Howroyd, The Act•1 Group's Chairman and CEO, said, "By utilizing innovative, combined strategies, Act•1 enables our corporate clients to optimize talent pools and receive the greatest return on their labor investment. Bringing women-owned and other diverse businesses to the table has proven to add value upon value. Women leaders perform well during tough economic times and work diligently to deliver on commitments in up and down swings!" With over 30 years of expertise, The Act•1 Group provides programs in over 35 countries that span across all major industries for the Global 2000.

Ms. Bryant Howroyd also spoke as a Co-Chair Perspectives panelist, General Session, along with Amgen's Farryn Melton.

Ms. Bryant Howroyd engaged the audience in a candid, informative and personal conversation. She shared the benefits of her experience as a successful business owner, including how to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of major corporate clients, and the steps business owners can take to significantly and effectively grow their businesses.

Ms. Bryant Howroyd also participated in the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony that launched WBENC's Business Fair, and as one of five panelists in Thursday's Executive Dialogue where a vigorous conversation on today's supply chain trends and supplier engagement was held. The Act•1 Group is headquartered in Torrance, California.

Zorch was a WBE Co-Chair of the 2011 WBENC National Conference & Business Fair. CEO Nicole Loftus supported the event through advance interviews in radio and print media. Zorch had a prominent presence at the Business Fair. Zorch is the exclusive supplier of branded merchandise for some of the largest corporations in the world. The company collaborates with trusted domestic suppliers and operates as a complete creative agency delivering exceptional on-brand products to its clients. Because of the Zorch innovative supply chain model, over 2 million end users have sourced branded merchandise and signage through the Zorch online portal and saved millions in the process. And as Loftus likes to say, "At Zorch – we're just getting started."


Top Corporations Application Available for National Corporate Members

Deadline: September 30, 2011.

America's Top Corporations for Women's Business Enterprises is the only national award honoring corporations with world-class programs that create level playing fields for women's business enterprises (WBEs), which compete for corporate contracts. In addition to offering equal access to business opportunities, Top Corporations generate and conduct a high volume of business with WBEs. WBENC is honored to annually recognize those companies doing business in the United States, especially those that proactively are breaking down barriers that impede WBEs from gaining fair access to procurement opportunities and demonstrating their commitment through actual contracts.

How to apply: The application will be sent to all WBENC Corporate Members by August 30. If you do not receive the application by this date, send an email to, to request an application.  The application must be completed and submitted by September 30, 2011. The application elicits information on programs and policies that will lead to national recognition for those companies that proactively integrate WBEs into their supply chain and positively impact the bottom line. In 2012, WBENC will celebrate its 15th Anniversary, and we have ensured that the current Top Corps application reflects the extensive knowledge we have accumulated on supplier diversity best practices and initiatives.

Note: WBEs are not eligible for this award as it is for WBENC Corporate Members only.

The America's Top Corporations for Women's Business Enterprises Awards presentation will take place during WBENC's 2012 Summit & Salute to Women's Business Enterprises, which is being held March 21-22, 2012, in Baltimore, MD. This event attracts over 900 attendees and also celebrates the 14 Women's Business Enterprise Stars who are exemplary WBEs from across the country.

The 2010 Top Corporations for WBEs (recognized earlier this year) were Accenture, Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T, Avis Budget Group, Inc., Bank of America, Chevron, The Coca-Cola Company, Dell, Energy Future Holdings, Ernst & Young LLP, Exxon Mobil Corporation, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Kelly Services, Inc., Manpower, PepsiCo, Inc., Pfizer Inc., Shell Oil Company, UPS and Verizon. To learn more about the Top Corporations for WBE award and previous awardees, click here.

MatchMaker Sessions and Workshop Highlights from
WBENC's 2011 National Conference & Business Fair

In keeping with WBENC's Opportunity Connection theme, WBENC's 2011 National Conference & Business Fair provided invaluable opportunities for women's business enterprises and Corporate Members to meet face-to-face, and learn about potential business opportunities.


MatchMaker Sessions at the Conference brought together over 95 Corporate Member buyers, who met with WBEs in approximately 600 one-on-one meetings in Las Vegas. Corporate Members have the opportunity to be matched with WBE attendees after reviewing their profiles, then selecting and approving to meet with them in person. "This was our third conference and the first time our company was selected for MatchMaker appointments. It was really worth the wait because I enjoyed the opportunity and interaction with the Corporate Members." – Denise L. Hunter, CHME, President, Destinations Link Hospitality, LLC

Also during the National Conference, WBENC showcased four dynamic workshop tracks that were held concurrently over two days: Government, Business Development, Supply Chain and New Programs. The New Programs Track helped new WBEs and new Corporate Members with key issues and priorities relevant to each group. In Marketing & Business

Development for WBEs, attendees received on-the-spot constructive criticism and advice on their capabilities statements. "The workshop was invaluable! Ruby McCleary of United Airlines and Fernando Hernandez of Microsoft shared with women business owners a priceless perspective on the messaging and types of marketing strategies that entice them to buy. It wasn't just a speech, rather it was an interactive session using actual examples and simulations from the audience." - Cassandra Sanford, CEO, KellyMitchell

The Government Track included information on how WBEs can leverage their WBENC certification to win business. One example of this track was The Ultimate Government Market Research Workshop: WBE Jumpstart Edition. "I had the chance to share the insider secrets on how to find government business ahead of your competitors, using free tools and street smarts. Success takes more than set asides -- no matter how excited we are about the 8(m) program. We were wall-to-wall standing-room-only filled with people who were enthusiastic, engaged and ready to share their experiences and questions. Everybody worked hard in this dynamic session." -Judy Bradt, CEO, Summit Insight

The Business Development Track tackled access to capital, risk management, and strategic collaborations/partnerships. "At the Strategic Collaboration, Alliances and Partnerships workshop, the WBE presentations stimulated a very robust Q&A session. Due to their vast business experience, the WBE panelists were able to provide very insightful perspectives on strategic alliances and more." – Ron Rodrigues, Supplier Diversity/Local Content Manager, Chevron.

The Supply Chain Track addressed purchasing trends, sustainability and how to succeed in global business. "The Purchasing Trends and Issues session brought together three dynamic senior purchasing and supply management executives in a forum that allowed them to share the critical issues that they face and more importantly, the ways that suppliers can help them solve their biggest problems. The group covered everything from global expansion to sustainability, with many topics in-between. Best of all, our attendees heard the real-world practical ways that women-owned businesses can gain or keep customers by bringing innovation and competitive advantages to the table." –Nora P. Neibergall, CPSM, CPSD, C.P.M., Senior Vice President and Corporate Secretary, Institute for Supply Management™

WBENC thanks the entire U.S. Member Services and Program Committee chaired by Ruby McCleary, United Airlines, and Vice Chair, Betsy Hosick, Chevron. Committee members devoted a great amount of time, energy and expertise in designing this year's successful programming; and have already begun work to produce an exciting celebration of our 15th anniversary in 2012.


WBENC's Call for 2012 Workshop Presentations

Submission Deadline: September 16, 2011.

In 2012, WBENC will celebrate its 15th anniversary and will offer programming that recognizes this milestone. The theme for 2012 is Celebrating 15 Years: Vision, Progress, and Opportunity.  Anniversaries are often celebrated to recognize milestones achieved in the past, and WBENC proudly commemorates its significant progress over the years.

Yet, in its 15th year, WBENC will not only commemorate its past but also will celebrate the bright vision of its future guided by WBENC's Roadmap to 2020, which promises to deliver increased value to corporate and government entities. The Roadmap to 2020 includes a focus on WBENC's world-class certification to support the procurement requirements of corporate and government entities looking to do business with women business enterprises, enable our WBEs to better access procurement opportunities in both markets, and upgrade our technology infrastructure to increase our ability to better serve and communicate with WBENC constituents.  Together, WBENC Corporate Members, government entities, RPOs, and WBEs have and will continue to progress towards a vision that is poised for opportunities and success.

If you are workshop presenter and would like to submit a proposal to WBENC, please complete this form and submit it to by Friday, September 16.        


Celebrate Our 15th Anniversary in 2012! Plan Now to Participate.

Next year is WBENC's 15th anniversary, and WBENC will recognize those entities and individuals who have been an integral part of its success while serving an important role in planning the organization's next steps to achieve the vision for the organization's future. Since 1997, WBENC has established itself as the largest third-party certifier of women-owned businesses in the country. From a group of approximately 500 certified women's business enterprises (WBEs), WBENC and its 14 Regional Partner Organizations (RPOs) have grown the list to include more than 10,000 certified WBEs. Through the support of regional and national Corporate Members, business opportunities for WBEs continue to expand year after year.

Be a part of this important milestone, and attend WBENC's key 2012 events. Check the event websites and read the President's Report for more details (registration information is coming soon).

Summit & Salute to Women's Business Enterprises:
March 21–22, 2012, Baltimore, MD
Presenting Sponsor: Accenture, Ernst & Young, LLP

National Conference & Business Fair:
June 19-21, 2012, Orlando, FL
Co-Chairs: Avis Budget Group, Accel, Inc., ICON Information Consultants

Become an event or program sponsor. Sponsorship is an outstanding way to support WBENC and its RPOs and, at the same time, offers tremendous visibility in front of a large, diverse audience consisting of Fortune 1000 representatives, government/nonprofit agencies, and many women business owners. To learn more about becoming a sponsor, contact Paige Adams, Director of Development, at

The guiding theme for 2012 is Celebrating 15 Years: Vision, Progress and Opportunity. You are needed to make this theme a reality!

Two WBENC Corporate Members Win EEI Supplier Diversity Awards

PG&E Chief Procurement Officer Des Bell accepted the award during the awards ceremony. Pictured are PG&E Supplier Diversity, Sourcing and DBEs.

WBENC is proud to announce that two of its Corporate Members, Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) and Itron, were recently recognized by the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) for their supplier diversity programs. PG&E and Itron received the EEI awards at the 28th Annual EEI Supplier Diversity Conference held in Seattle, WA.

In winning the industry's overall excellence award, PG&E ( was recognized for its consistent, organization-wide commitment to encouraging supplier diversity. PG&E spent a combined total of $1.13 billion dollars on purchases from women, minority, and service-disabled veteran-owned businesses in 2010. Typically, less than 20 companies in the nation reach the billion-dollar milestone in any one year.

To reach and exceed its self-set billion-dollar plus milestone, PG&E undertook a wide variety of initiatives. These initiatives included training within the company at both the executive and employee level. PG&E also conducted outreach at the local, state, and national levels, including promoting purchasing opportunities to ethnic chambers of commerce and business organizations. And the company branded their supplier diversity effort with sponsorships and partnerships.

Pacific Gas & Electric Company "… deserves praise for their exceptional commitment to developing a supplier base that reflects their local communities," said EEI President Thomas R. Kuhn. "Their efforts help to keep them among the nation's most competitive electric and natural gas delivery companies in the country. They also help the U.S. electric power industry to be among the strongest industries in the world."

Itron's Kate Armstrong, Supplier Diversity Leader,
and Russ Kenworthy, Strategic Purchasing Manager
received EEI's Prime Supplier Award.

Itron was recognized with the EEI Prime Supplier Award. This award is provided annually to an EEI prime supplier member company that has made great strides in the development or progression of their supplier diversity program.

"Itron's supplier diversity focus is to provide procurement opportuni
ties for small, minority, women and service-disabled veteran-owned businesses," said Kate Armstrong, Itron's Supplier Diversity Leader. "Diversity inclusion is an important initiative and we are committed to implementing it across all of Itron's business units. We are honored to receive recognition from EEI for our program."

The EEI began giving out supplier diversity awards in 1985, recognizing EEI member companies for their outstanding achievements in the advancement of supplier diversity.
EEI is the association of U.S. shareholder-owned electric companies. Its members serve 95 percent of the ultimate customers in the shareholder-owned segment of the industry, and represent approximately 70 percent of the U.S. electric power industry.

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Black Enterprise Magazine Ranks 2 WBEs
in 2011 Top 100 Business Lists

Leah Brown, President and CEO
A10 Clinical Solutions

The Act•1 Group and A10 Clinical Solutions, two WBENC-certified Women Business Enterprises (WBEs), were ranked in the 2011 Top 100 Businesses of Black Enterprise Magazine as the nation's largest black-owned businesses. Led by Janice Bryant-Howroyd, Chairman and CEO, The Act•1 Group ranked number three on the list and grew revenues by more than 40 percent over the previous year to more than $1.4 billion and has a worldwide staff of about 1,400 employees. The Act•1 Group, a global leader in human capital solutions enables over 13,000 corporations around the globe to identify the right talent and initiates economic change by putting people to work. The organization allows companies to achieve process efficiency and provides opportunity for over 2,000 suppliers worldwide. With over 30 years of expertise, The Act•1 Group provides programs in over 35 countries. The Act•1 Group has been listed as a Black Enterprise Top 100 Business for several years.  Under The Act•1 Group, AppleOne is the company's staffing brand and Agile•1 is the solutions provider.

New to the Black Enterprise Top 100 Businesses is WBENC-certified WBE A10 Clinical Solutions, a clinical research and clinical care company that works with pharmaceutical companies, government entities and other organizations to bring new and innovative drugs and healthcare improvements to market faster. Led by President and CEO Leah Brown, A10 Clinical Solutions was also identified as one of the most successful black companies to watch in 2011. Black Enterprise pointed to A10 as one of 20 companies that weathered the recession, grew their business and landed on the BE 100s list. The company helps clients conduct clinical studies to improve health outcomes for patients and the community, and it provides corporate and government clients the ability to lower employee healthcare costs by providing occupational health services in eco-friendly on-site clinics. Leah Brown, A10 Clinical Solutions, will be featured on CNBC's prime-time television news program, "How I Made My Millions," August 22 at 9:00 pm. For more information, view Four New "How I Made My Millions" will Premiere in August on CNBC.

WBENC Wins AMCP Platinum Hermes Creative Award
for 2010 Opportunity Connection Campaign

"On behalf of the WBENC Board of Directors and the entire WBENC family, I commend Cristy McCullough, WBENC's Assistant Vice President of Marketing, Communications, and Brand Management along with her team of WBENC certified suppliers and Helen Avery, my Executive Assistant, for winning the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) Platinum Hermes Creative Award," said Pamela Prince-Eason, WBENC President and CEO. "The AMCP Platinum Award is the highest award achieved in each category and is a significant achievement for WBENC."

The Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional materials and programs, and emerging technologies. Entries typically come from corporate marketing and communication departments, advertising agencies, PR firms, design shops, production companies, web based innovators and freelancers. Hermes Creative Awards is administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, which began in 1995 as a means to honor outstanding achievement and service to the communication profession.

Winning in the category of Company Branding, McCullough credits a remarkable team of WBEs for producing what she says is "WBENC's greatest branding work ever." The supporting team members and collateral submitted for this award include:

  • 2009 Annual Report – designed by Doubletake Studios and printed by Bayside Printing Services
  • 2010 Summit & Salute Ad, Invitation, and Program Book – designed by Limb Design, printed by CME Printing, and coordinated by A-Plus Meetings and Incentives
  • 2010 Women in Business National Conference & Business Fair Ad, Invitation, and Program Book – designed by Limb Design, printed by Innovative Marketing and Design, and coordinated by Stovell Marketing and Public Relations

"Guided by WBENC's goal of removing obstacles and barriers to women business enterprises, I knew we needed to portray WBENC's brand by utilizing the images of diverse, competent women that make up our organization," said McCullough. "The images selected to portray our brand represent a window for the public to view who we are and what we represent. More important, it helps to defeat the negative stereotypes that are often still associated with women and women owned businesses."

The Hermes Award is the second award that WBENC has won under McCullough's leadership. Working with WBENC-certified WBE Maslow Media Group, WBENC also won a 2010 Television, Internet, and Video Association (TIVA) Bronze Peer Award for the production of WBENC's 2010 Women's Business Enterprise Stars video. "I believe that if you hire and surround yourself with people that are phenomenally talented and committed to giving their best, we all win," said McCullough.

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Marketing Your Way to Yes Webinar

Ruby McCleary
United Airlines Director, Supplier Diversity
United Airlines and WBENC presents "Marketing Your Way to Yes," a webinar designed to assist WBEs looking to re-ignite their momentum and marketing effectiveness. The special guest and speaker is Ruby McCleary, United Airlines Director, Supplier Diversity and Conference workshop co-facilitator of "Marketing and Business Development."

This Webinar has been rescheduled for Thursday, August 18, 2011, 1-2 p.m. EDT.  Click here for handouts and audio casts from previous sessions.

To access the call, dial
877-923-6297, and enter Access Code 5888 610#.

To access the Live Meeting, enter:
Meeting ID: CONF2011
Attendee Entry Code: VEGASAttend2011

Only the first 150 people to sign on will be able to participate in the Live Meeting.

The audio session will be made available on WBENC's website within three business days following the webinar. Visit the Conference Prep Webinar Series web page to access the audio session for Marketing.


Initiative for a Competitive Inner City Presents a Call for Applications

Nominations must be received by September 30, 2011.

Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC) announces an executive education opportunity to the Inner City 100, which is a national ranking of the 100 fastest-growing companies located in America's inner cities. The Inner City 100 showcases the successful businesses and the entrepreneurs who are helping to transform the community by creating wealth for local residents. By leveraging the advantages of their inner city, winners have created 71,000 new jobs and employed nearly 100,000 people, 40 percent of which are inner city residents.

Inner City 100 Benefits:

  • Receive national and local media coverage
  • Participate in a free executive education summit at Harvard Business School (stimulate strategic and operational effectiveness)
  • Gala dinner attended by more than 600 influential business and civic leaders
  • Establish new business contacts and extend professional networks (increase top-line growth)

To qualify for the 2012 Inner City 100, a company must:

  • Be an independent, for-profit corporation, partnership, or proprietorship.
  • Be headquartered in or have 51 percent or more of its physical operations in an economically distressed urban area of the U.S.
  • Have ten or more full-time employees in 2010.
  • Have a five-year operating sales history (2006-2010) that includes:
    • an increase in sales from 2009 to 2010
    • sales of at least $200,000 in 2006 and at least $1 million in 2010.

To self-nominate or to nominate another company for the Inner City 100 program, please click 2012 IC100 Nominations Form and follow the instructions. Multiple nominations can be sent in an Excel spreadsheet that includes the company name, address, city, state, zip code, email address and phone of the nominated companies to Hyacinth Vassell ( of the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City. Contact Hyacinth at (617) 297-3120 with any questions or to determine whether or not your company is located in an inner city area.

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This calendar includes events hosted by WBENC's Regional Partner Organizations and strategic partners.  Visit WBENC's online calendar for more events.

WBEC PA-DE-sNJ presents "The Opportunity Connection"
August 16, 2011
Pittsburgh, PA
Click here for more information.

WPEO-NY PepsiCo Program
August 18, 2011
Purchase, NY
Click here for more information.

Marketing Your Way to Yes
August 18, 2011
Click here for details.

GWBC Power of Partnering Marketplace
Marketplace Expo & WAVE Golf Scholarship Tournament

August 29 - 30, 2011
Atlanta Convention Center at AmericasMart
Atlanta, GA
Click here for details.

National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)
Women's Business Conference

August 31 - September 1, 2011
Manchester Grand Hyatt
San Diego, CA
Click here for more information.

Women's Business Development Center-Chicago
25th Annual Entrepreneurial Women's Conference, Women's Business & Buyer's Mart

September 14, 2011
McCormick Place - West
Chicago, IL
Click here for more information or visit

Go For the Greens Conference
Business Development Conference for Women Entrepreneurs

September 15-17, 2011
Lake Buena Vista, FL
WBENC-Certified WBEs receive a registration discount. Click here for more information.

WPEO-NY Annual Breakthrough Breakfast
September 16, 2011
The Grand Hyatt New York
New York, NY
Visit for more information.

US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
32nd Annual National Convention & Business Expo
September 18 – 21, 2011
Fountainbleau Miami Beach
Miami Beach, FL
Join the USHCC for the largest gathering of Hispanic business leaders in America.  Click here for more information.

National Association of Minority and Women-Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF)
Annual Meeting & Law Firm Expo

September 18 - 21, 2011
The Bellagio
Las Vegas, NV
Click here for more information and registration.

WBEC-West Presents The 8(m), Woman-Owned Small Business Program
September 20, 2011
US Bank Community Room
Los Angeles, CA
Click here for more information.

American Advertising Federation Mosaic Vendor Fair
October 7, 2011
The Roosevelt Hotel New York
New York, NY
Click here to learn more and register today.

US Business Leadership Network (USBLN)
Annual Conference
& Expo
October 16-19, 2011
Louisville Marriott Downtown
Louisville, KY
Visit for more information and registration.

WBEC-West 8th Annual Strategic Procurement Opportunity Conference & Awards Gala
November 10-11, 2011
Ravella at Lake Las Vegas
Henderson, NV
Click here for more information.

WPEO-DC Annual Access Reception Hosted by Capital One
November 15, 2011
Capital One
McLean, VA
Registration and more information will be available this fall. Please check for updated information

WBDC 15th Anniversary Celebration & "Just Desserts"

November 15, 2011
Union League
Philadelphia, PA
Click here for more information.

WBE to WBE Dinner Program
December 1, 2011
MetLife Sky Garden Auditorium
New York, NY
Open to Certified WBEs only. Registration and more information will be available this fall. Please check for updated information.

Break Through Luncheon and Business Opportunity Fair

December 6, 2011
Philadelphia, PA
Click here for more information.

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