Sustainability Tips from #WBENCconf Sustainability Sponsors

Sustainability is important in our businesses and in our homes. Read the tips below to successfully integrate sustainable practices into the management of your business as well as ensure you and your company are contributing to a healthier environment.


Successful Sustainability Management Tips from Pacific Gas & Electric:

  1. Secure visible top management support
  2. Appoint lead(s) and/or champion(s)
  3. Identify your stakeholders and their needs/objectives/challenges
  4. Define clear business drivers and benefits of action
  5. Conduct a systematic and thorough evaluation to identify and prioritize the environmental issues
  6. Focus on getting some quick wins
  7. Showcase your successes
  8. Collaborate to accelerate success
  9. Document key processes and results
  10. Consider certification to a recognized local or internal standard

Successful Environmental Sustainability Tips from INTREN:

  1. Want to reduce landfill waste? Replace plastic bottles with eco-friendly reusable bottles such as stainless steel.
  2. Looking to reduce your energy bill? Install solar panels - receive a tax credit along with a lower bill. Replace your light bulbs with led lighting for further savings.
  3. Does your summer water bill spike? Incorporate rain barrels to water your garden or reusable grey water to wash your car.
  4. Want to support lower carbon emissions? Purchase renewable energy for your office location(s).
  5. Want to reduce your paper usage? Convert your paper forms to electronic, while providing requested information, like company benefits, on an internal web site.  Personal bills? Go paperless.
  6. Tired of all those plastic bags? Utilize reusable and recycled shopping bags.
  7. Want to save on fuel? Reduce or eliminate idle time.
  8. Tired of smelly garbage? Compost your food scraps, including coffee grounds for a healthier garden and less methane gas in our landfills.
  9. Is your office or home too hot or too cold? Make sure it is well-insulated to prevent wasting energy and money.
  10. Want to improve your eco-footprint? Buy secondhand when possible and reduce your consumerism.

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Posted on June 16, 2017 .