Ambassador Program How To Guide

Event: WBENC Web Page Review


1. Your Action: Review the WBENC Webpage Outline 

Go to the WBENC website and get yourself familiar with how to navigate around the site. Select three areas that you think will be especially of interest to your audience (members of the Procurement Department and key decision makers. We recommend you take your audience through the WBE Certification Process to show them how involved the process is and what they can expect from a certified WBE. Next, we recommend you show your audience the Corporate Member List. Finally, we recommend you educate your audience about the important role the Regional Partner Organization (the RPO) plays in a successful WBENC connection. The purpose of performing this Ambassador Event is letting your audience know about the comprehensive offerings available on the WBENC website.

Demonstrating the WBENC website is a great choice for conducting your second WBENC Ambassador event. Targeting those that attended your first WBENC Ambassador event is suggested.

2. Your Action: Invite your local RPO and the WBENC Ambassador Program Manager to the meeting 

3. Your Action: Send this email to invite your selected audience to the meeting:


Please join me on (date and time) for a quick tour around the WBENC Website. As a (company name) WBENC Ambassador, I am pleased to announce that the site been recently redone to include many tools and information that will help you select certified Women Business Enterprises available to provide the goods and services you need.

At the meeting, you will also be able to ask the WBENC Ambassador Program Manager and our local RPO (name) questions about WBENC and the WBE certification process. 

Please provide the contact information of any members of your staff that might also benefit from a tour of the WBENC website.

4. Your Action: Send a formal meeting notice

5. Your Action: Prepare for the meeting by reviewing the WBENC Website Overview presentation

6. Your Action: Hold the meeting. Begin the meeting with introductions. Go through your WBENC Website Overview presentation. Open the meeting to questions. 

7. Your Action: After the meeting, send this email to all participants:

Greetings. Thank you for attending the WBENC Website Overview meeting today. As a WBENC Ambassador, I sincerely appreciate the effort you are making to educate yourself and others about the importance of the (company name)\WBENC relationship. Please let me know when you'll next have a sourcing opportunity that might include WBENC and I will be more than happy connect you to the right WBENC representative.

In the meantime, please continue to use the information you learned about today that is available on the WBENC website or give me a call if there is anything I can do for you.

Thank you again for your time and consideration.