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Ambassador Program Events Overview

Ambassador Events are designed for you, the busy professional with little time to spare.  Events range from making outreach phone calls to conducing and overview of a WBENC feature.  Events have been designed to help you, the WBENC Ambassador, achieve your goal of making connections that mattter and educating others about the value of supplier diversity.  In this section, you will find everything you need to perform an event including an overview, ease of use score, intended function, examples of how the event might work, pos-event actions and suggested communications.   Event How To Guides step you through hosting the event.  All you have to do is pick the time, date and audience use the supporting materials.  Hosting an event has never been easier.

Here are examples of the general type of events WBENC Ambassadors are asked to perform during their tenure:

EVENT: Promoting WBENC to Less Active Corporate Members

There are so many members that pay their annual dues, maybe attend the Conference and/or the annual Salute but  sponsorship and committee membership is limited.  Imagine if every WBENC member was as active as you.  Remember what made you get involved?  It all starts with a phone call.  Having a systematic approach to reaching out to less active members, using a schedule of contact, will ensure consistency and momentum.

How easy is it?  Very easy, about 20 minutes effort per call.  Ambassadors can request  a target name and contact information from the  WBENC Ambassador Program Manager or reach out directly.   Use the event support materials, including suggested scripts and email content.  Place a follow up reminder task on your calendar and, you're done!

Functions of the Event:   A great networking event for you and for WBENC. By sharing a bit of information about you,  your company and WBENC, you might be providing an opportunity for a RPO or a certified WBE to make a connection that matters.  And, you also open the door to resources that might help you with current and future sourcing projects by putting you in touch with reliable suppliers.

Examples of the event:   Searching the WBENC Corporate Member list, you recognize a member as a supplier or a customer -or- before attending your next industry event or association meeting (ISM, for example), you look at the event attendee list and see that a few corporations you know are WBENC members will be there -or- loooking at the event program you recognize a few more names.  So, you make the initial phone call.  You make the connection.  After that, it's up to you if you want to delegate the remaining event tasks to someone else in your organization.  If you do, stay engaged and interested.   The connection you make may just help another company find a certified WBE with whom to do business.  The effort you make shows your commitment to supplier diversity.

Actions and Communications:  Your action list, communications and other event support materials are located in the Ambassador How To Guide for this event. 

Anticipated Positive Outcomes:  A great first impression!  Engaging less active members reflects a proactive, professional organization and encourages participation.  A satisfied member is more likely to renew their membership and engage with an RPO and a certified WBE.

Follow Up actions:  Periodic emails and phone calls are key. The less active member will soon realize your intentions are sincere and view their WBENC membership as a valuable one.

EVENT:   Promoting WBENC to Prospective Members

As an Ambassador, you know the value of your WBENC membership.  With the number of certified WBEs fast approaching 10,000 there has never been a better time to educate your peers in prospective companies how a WBENC membership can help them achieve their supplier diversity goals.    

How easy is it? Very easy, about 20 minutes effort per call.   Ambassadors can request a target name and contact information from the WBENC Ambassador Program Manager or reach out directly. Use the event support materials, including suggested scripts and email content. 

Functions of the Event:  A great networking event for you and for WBENC.   Telling prospective members about the many tools and services available to the corporate member, including WBENCLink, MatchMaker 365, the business fair held during WIB, the WBENC Balanced Scorecard and the periodic WBENC supplier diversity benchmarking surveys is a sure way to get them interested in joining.  Sharing a bit of information about how you and your company use your WBENC membership might just convince your peers to join.  There's no one more better equipped than an Ambassador to tell the WBENC story.

Examples of the event:  On your way back to your office from a meeting with a supplier you make a note to check if they have a WBENC membership -or- before you head to your next industry meeting you compare the attendee list to the WBENC membership list -or- at your next staff meeting you review the  Fortune 1000 list with your team to come up with a list of names to contact regarding WBENC and supplier diversity.  

Actions and Communications: Your action list, communications and other event support materials are located in the Ambassador How To Guide for this event.

Anticipated Positive Outcomes:   A connection that matters.  An opportunity to mentor a future Ambassador and to introduce them to the great RPO and WBE community in their industry.  A new corporate member who is better prepared to utilize the many benefits associated with WBENC membership.  

Follow Up actions: Invite the prospective member to appropriate WBENC functions and ambassador events.  Periodic emails and phone calls are key. The prospective member will soon realize the benefits of a WBENC membership and join.

  WBENC Organization Overview

Talking up the merits of WBENC is a sure way to build interest and who better than an Ambassador to do the job? When approached with supplier diversity questions from employees within your organization or other associations, let people hear about WBENC!

How easy is it?:  Moderately easy. You'll have to spend some time on the WBENC website to figure out which piece of the story you want to tell. The WBENC Program Manager can provide materials to help you tell the story.

Functions of the Event:  Get your WBENC story down. Keep it simple. Give them three good reasons why WBENC is a great organization.  Personalize your story to help the audience relate. Grab them at the beginning with a STAR story. Tell them of your Situation, the Task at hand, the Action you took and the Results you achieved. End the conversation or event by making a connection.  Keep it short. Main objective to let them know how WBENC can help make them look GOOD!

Examples of the event:  You're invited to a meeting where the attendees are involved with a project that doesn't, but should, involve supplier diversity  -or-  You're at lunch and the discussion turns to supplier selection process at your company -or- your boss asks you to spend 15 minutes at the next Sr. Staff Meeting to talk about on of your projects.

Actions and Communications:  Your action list, communications and other event support materials are located in the Ambassador How To Guide for this event.

Anticipated Positive Outcomes:  The listener's desire to learn more.

Follow Up actions:   Make a promise to talk again, and keep it.  Make connections that matter. Use the WBENC Board of Directors or Ambassador Project Manager for additional names as necessary.


Showing someone around the site can make the difference in making a connection that matters and not.  WBENC Ambassadors offer to take new Ambassadors, members of their organizations and other associations with whom they may be affiliated through a quick tour of the WBENC site to show them what WBENC has to offer them and why making a WBENC connection is so important.

How easy is it?  Relatively easy, once you get familiar with the WBENC site, yourself.

Functions of the Event:  Take a few lunch hours or schedule some time to list the things you joined WBENC and the WBENC Ambassador Program for and search the WBENC website for the information that centers on those areas.  When you feel comfortable enough, work in educating others about supplier diversity and the WBENC solution in your everyday work activities, like project meetings, staff meetings, company events, etc.

Examples of the event:  Your staff meetings, executive staff meetings, corporate event booths or tables, project meetings. If you're running the show, put yourself on the agenda, if not, get yourself on the agenda by sending an email similar to the one in How To Guide that explains what you'd like to do and why it's important.

Actions and Communications:  Your action list, communications and other event support materials are located in the Ambassador How To Guide for this event

Anticipated Positive Outcomes:  Getting the most of your WBENC membership and Making a connection that matters and Helping your company's supplier diversity program and Giving leader's who do the right thing a WBENC "Spotlight" opportunity.

EVENT:   Ambassador Program Overview

A passionate and satisfied WBENC Ambassador begets another passionate and satisfied WBENC Ambassador and there is no better way to engage a potential WBENC Ambassador than by telling them your own story.  WBENC Ambassadors need to be prepared to sell the WBENC Ambassador Program, just as they need to be prepared to tell the WBENC Story.  Holding an Ambassador Program Overview is your opportunity to promote the merits of an Ambassador Program, first, and to the tell the WBENC story as a side.

How easy is it? That depends on you and your level of WBENC involvement. Like every other WBENC event, this one involves educating your audience about the many different facets of the WBENC Ambassador Program, or of at least being who might be interested in joining in the right direction.

Functions of the Event: This is a great second or third meeting topic (following WBENC Overview and a Supplier Diversity mini-workshop, for instance.
Using the template provided in the WBENC Ambassador Program How To Guide, fill in the blanks to tell your Ambassador Program. The template covers Program goals, objectives and the roles and responsibilities of those involved.  It's up to you to get and keep your audience's attention and, if you're lucky, to find a few people who just might to help you out with organizing a WBENC Ambassador event.

Examples of the event:  Invite a WBE with whom your company has done business to come and speak about their WBENC experience and how the Ambassador Program made a difference. or  Engage your Marketing Department and tell them the WBENC Ambassador Program story. Ask them for creative ways to link WBENC to corporate initiatives. Listening to the needs of the person requesting information. or Get invited to give a brief overview of the WBENC Ambassador Program at company meetings (annual meetings, All Hands Meetings, Regional Reviews, Quarterly Reviews, etc.)
Actions and Communications:  Your action list, communications and other event support materials are located in the Ambassador How To Guide for this event.

EVENT:   Participating in Your Corporate Initiatives

There's no better way to get the WBENC Word out than inviting WBENC to participate at your Corporate Initiatives. And, it is a great way to show your corporation just how much of a partnership your WBENC corporate membership is.

How easy is it? Easy.

Functions of the Event: When your Corporation announces a Corporate Initiative, give the WBENC Program Manager a call to see what kind of representation is available to assist in initiative-related events.

Examples of the event: You see on your company website that an company event has been planned or you see a poster advertising a company event.  Thinking it might be a good opportunity for you to represent WBENC you make the connections to get involved. 

Actions and Communications: Your action list, communications and other event support materials are located in the Ambassador How To Guide for this event.

  Ambassador Event How To Guides:

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Promoting WBENC to Prospective Members
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